10 PHOTOS That Prove Nigerian Masquerades Are No Longer ‘Spirits’ [OPEN]


In many parts of Nigeria, masquerades are regarded as long dead relatives from the world beyond. And during important festivals and events, the dead come back to visit their children on earth, with plenty of gifts while they in return pray for the wellbeing of the living.

Growing up, the mere sight of a masquerade evokes instant fear in the heart of children and especially for the ladies, a masquerade surfacing surely means it is time to try to break Usain Bolt’s 100 metre record at the Olympics.

masqueradeWith their long canes and fearsome masks, masquerades were the stuff of nightmares and mothers usually use the fear of masquerades to whip their errant children into order.

From the Eyo in Lagos, Oloolu in Ibadan, Izaga in Anambra, Ninzo in Kaduna, to the Ajofio in Nnewi just to mention a few, masquerades were feared entities up and down the land.


Sadly, those days are gone. Nowadays, masquerades holds no fear for most of the populace, to make it even worse, masquerades have now become objects that even women take selfies with.

Below are 10 photos that show that Nigerian masquerades have lost their fearsomeness:

  1. This masquerade chilling with a bottle of beer…

Masquerade beer

2. This masquerade posing for a picture with his girlfriend…


3. These two masquerades trying their best to get the lady’s undivided attention


4. These masquerades ridding a bike…


5. This one dancing with a catholic priest…

masquerade 5

6. What’s with masquerades and girls? SHM


7. This one that went to a beer palour with his partner..


8. Obviously ladies have a thing for masquerades or is it the other way round?


9. This one withdrawing money from the atm…


10. And finally, the one that took his masquerading skills all the way to Israel…


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