28 Problems That Make Tall People Cry Really Loud At Night And Want To Be Left Alone


Being tall is something most people, scratch that, everyone looks at with so much pride and envy. Everyone wants to be like you; they basically look up to you (pun intended). But, tall people got problems, too (Ok, enough with the rhymes). So, when the world thinks tall people have it all because they think they see the world clearly (Hey. Some of us/them are four-eyed, you know).

Here are 28 problems tall people go through and it really make them cry so loud at night:

When conversations ALWAYS open with the same line- “Wow. You’re so tall!”

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…then they ask” “How tall are you?”

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No. You’re not 6’4″. You must be way taller.

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Everybody calls you ‘Dogo’

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…or change your name to ‘Tallest’

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You can’t find clothes that fit

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Trousers are always way too small

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No. It’s not tapered. I’m not a fashion avant-garde!

You never get your shoe size. Never!

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You mean this is size 12?

Ceilings hate you

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Why am I always hitting my head on the ceiling?

Fans don’t seem to like you

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ATM booths were not made for you

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Bathrooms and showers don’t want you clean

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Smelly hair is the new cool

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(Public) transportation hates you

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…bus seats/airplane seats were never made for you

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…cars- saloons, coupes, whatever you call them SUCK!

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No leg room, huh?

Hugs are always awkward

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Can’t you get a stool, table or something so we do this right?

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I need love, too

Finding a girlfriend is a herculean task

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Ladies always gush about how they love tall, dark and handsome men when around you

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…but no one wants to date you

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…you finally find one and kissing becomes a big fat problem

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They all want you on the basketball team

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Oh. You play basketball?

…even when you suck

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You have to stand at the back for group photos…every damn time

images getty
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Hardly know what you look like in the mirror

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Is that a full length mirror? Really?

You get stares when you sit in front at the movies

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…or at a concert

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No. Go stand at the back. Ain’t you considerate?

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Your feet always stick out of the bed

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“Why do you always walk so fast?” “Slow down, will you?”

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Your umbrella becomes community shade…every single time it rains or it’s sunny

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I dunno why…

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When they need someone to fix the bulb or dust the ceiling

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No. It’s not all sunshine and daisy. Some days it gets bad, irritating, frustrating, tiring we just want to cry ourselves to sleep.

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