2Baba-led Feb 6th Protest: Tackling The Messenger Instead Of The Message [READ]

2Baba-led Feb 6th Protest: Tackling The Messenger Instead Of The Message. Photo: Qed.ng

There is no gainsaying that everything in Nigeria is presently not going according to the way millions of voters envisioned it when they put President Muhammadu Buhari in office back in the 2015 Presidential elections.

For starters, the country’s economy is presently going through its worst moments in recent years culminating in a harsh recession, the first in decades. Added to this is the fact that the policies of the government are currently not yielding the required results.

Many analysts have pointed out that the huge support the government had coming into office has mostly evaporated leading to the call by for Nigerians to embark on a massive nation-wide protest against the government come February 6, 2017 and legendary musician, 2face Idibia throwing his weight behind the movement.



However, the huge hype that the much awaited protest has generated has put 2Face under the spotlight with some Nigerians who felt the protest was not necessary criticizing him for organizing the protest.

Former Plantashun Boiz singer, BlackFace, in an Instagram post, branded 2baba an ‘illiterate’ while also accusing certain politicians, including former president Goodluck Jonathan of embezzling funds, before asking the legendary singer why he never protested corruption before now.

“LETS EDUCATE THE ILLITERATE AS HE LEADS THE PROTEST. I read Tuface Idibia’s verbal tirade in Vanguard in which he said he will be leading a protest against Buhari on the 5th of February for among other things not paying salaries of civil servants.

I think he needs to be educated about the efforts of the Buhari administration: So far Buhari has released three bail out funds to the 36 states in Nigeria totalling over N1.5 trillion in the last 18 months. ….”

On their part, the Presidency has also tried to relate the protest to the misgivings of ‘elements’ who are yet to get past the 2015 elections.

On Tuesday, President Muhammadu Buhari’s Personal Assistants on Social Media, Ms. Lauretta Onochie Challenged 2baba to go live on national television and explain his “beef” with President Buhari.

The Presidential aide noted that until 2Face takes to live TV to state his grievances against the government, the Presidency would assume that his planned protest is born out of personal interests.

Lauretta Onochie

Apart from the presidency, there are also truckloads of reactions on social media with some bashing him for attempting to take credit for other people’s movement.  Many even went personal saying 2face should have ‘put his house in order first’ before attempting ‘put the country in order’.

The question however needs to be asked that since when does having a ‘not-so-perfect’ family life means 2face cannot lead a protest against bad governance. Heck, the constitution guarantees the right to protest against the government so long it is done in a peaceful manner.

The claim that 2face does not have the right to protest because he did not do so during past administrations not only does not hold water but tantamount to saying he has no right to his opinions.

Besides, 2face is not the only Nigerian who has voiced out his displeasure over the way the present government is handling the country so why make him a scapegoat because he called for a protest?

Protests of this kind are to wake the government to its responsibilities and it would be better if the handlers of the President and other Nigerians who are criticizing 2Face would do so only on the basis of the issues he has raised and not his personality. 2Face is not protesting about his personal life or even morality so the argument should not be reduced to those.

Anyone who wants to boycott the protest can but they should be sure they question the right things. After all, is it not better to cure the disease rather than treating the symptoms.


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