3 Features Of A Typical Nigerian Wedding


First of all, I must establish that the Yorubas and to be more specific, Ijebus are serious party freaks when compared to other Nigerians.

You want to enjoy a party, ensure there is an ijebu connection. Trust me, 90% of the time, you won’t regret attending.

There are about 3 things we will be considering that you will see in almost every Nigerian wedding ceremony.

First is, the dancing skills.


These days (I stand to be corrected), your dancing skill has to be at least good enough, to get into a bridal train or to be chosen among the groom’s men, for most wedding ceremonies between young people in Nigeria today.

Lets see some pictures below…

nigerianwedding.org 2
Grooms men digging it at a wedding


bridal train dancing
Bridal train dancing

Secondly is the spraying of money and in some cases foreign currency.

The way Nigerians spend and spray money at parties is amazing. It comes so effortlessly. See cuts below…

spray the money
This is what Wizkid was talking about when he said, SPRAY ME THE MONEY!!!


spray the money
We no longer spend naira in Nigerian parties

Finally, the agbada attire of Nigerian men.

This is the one we call the baby boy attire. With the agbada attire as a Nigerian guy in any party, you cannot go wrong.

Grooms men of life!


The baby boy attire…



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