Henry Onyekuru: 3 Reasons Why Arsenal May Have Struck Gold With Nigerian Prodigy [OPEN]

Henry Onyekuru. Photo Credit: The Sun

Arsenal desperately need a striker solution, and Arsene Wenger has wasted no time in landing Super Eagles rising star, Henry Onyekuru. Fan site, Fansided gives three reasons why Arsenal fans should feel optimistic about the capture of the Nigerian.

1. He’s a damn striker

Yes, this is a reason to be optimistic. Because there won’t be any second-guessing. There won’t be any “well he could be a striker if we wanted him too, but it’s not his strongest position.” This isn’t Takuma Asano, who is turning into an attacking utility player.

Henry Onyekuru is a striker. He scores goals and lots of them. That is reason enough to be optimistic in my book, but think of it this way – Arsenal has done pretty well for themselves with just Giroud and Welbeck at striker. Factor in a third option to keep everyone honest and we may be able to avoid the need for landing a top quality striker by pitting our three options against each other.


It’s not the craziest idea in the world. Internal competition has been proven mighty effective by the Gunners this year, so using the same strategy to try to fix the potential problems up front only makes sense.

2. He has done all he can with what he has

If you give someone a cake and they eat the entire thing, you can’t be upset with them for not eating more cake. They took care of all the cake they had.

Henry Onyekuru has eaten every cake that has been handed to him. As in, he has done the utmost with his situation. At just 19 years old, he leads the Belgian League in goals scored with 20, outscoring the best and brightest on Club Brugge and Anderlecht, both of whom have failed to sign young Onyekuru.

At 17, his rookie year with KAS Eupen, he helped them get promoted to the top flight, where he is now. He has been an absolute blessing to KAS Eupen in every sense of the word. But you can only do so much with a team that doesn’t have the top quality players to make someone like Onyekuru pop even more.

Arsenal has that. The Nigerian striker has shown that individually, he has a mass of talent. Put him among top tier talents and see what happens. Worst case, we find out he is still a bit raw. Best case, he proves to be ready for first team consideration.

We know this kid scores goals almost at will, so throw him into the mix and see if he catches on.

3. Everything Rob Holding

There are a bunch of Arsenal supporters already drawing the parallel that Henry Onyekuru has with Rob Holding. Neither cost a lot, both come at a position of need, both are young. Why can’t lightning strike twice?

But it goes farther than that. First of all, £6.8m is still a nice chunk of change. It’s pretty proportionate to what Holding cost in the grand scheme of things given the inflated rate of strikers.

Holding was not trusted to be the only solution, but as it turns out, he would have been just fine. He has become an Arsenal hero in the span of one year and in that one year, he spent most of his time parked on the bench. Now everyone is begging for him to start every single match.

Similar to Holding, Onyekuru was bought before a unanimous ‘solution’ was identified. Shkodran Mustafi came after Holding, which caused everyone to breathe a sigh of relief. So along those lines, it’s not unfathomable that Onyekuru is setting the table for something bigger.

Still, Onyekuru may surprise people just like Rob Holding did. This is not another Yaya Sanogo. Onyekuru is too gifted, too athletic and he is even an Arsenal supporter. Let’s have a little optimism.

Credit: Fansided

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