3 Reasons Why Jonathan Lost The 2015 Elections – Doyin Okupe


Aso Rock alternate spokesperson, Doyin Okupe

The spokesman to immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan, has cited three main reasons why his boss lost the 2015 Presidential  elections despite being at the helm of affairs.

The reluctance of former President Goodluck Jonathan to move against the leadership of Nigeria’s electoral body, INEC, before the last general elections is the cardinal reason he lost in that race, Doyin Okupe, who is a medical doctor said.

Mr. Okupe stated these ‘errors’ in a Facebook post on his page on Sunday, saying the then head of Independent National Electoral Commission, Attahiru Jega, was compromised and biased against Mr. Jonathan.


Mr. Okupe made this revelations in response to the current in-fighting within the People’s Democratic Party after some leaders of the party publicly announced it was a blunder to have let Mr. Jonathan fly its flag for the elections.

“If any error was made it was firstly the failure of the PDP administration to sack the unfair and compromised electoral Officer who was allowed to conduct the election in spite of his obvious and profuse partisanship,” Mr. Okupe said in the post.

In the lead up to the 2015 general elections, the PDP accused Mr. Jega of siding with the now ruling All Progressives Congress, APC. They also accused the INEC chairman of lopsided distribution of the Permanent Voter Cards skewed to favour APC and against states regarded as pro-Jonathan.

“The second error was the inexplicable acquiescence of the PDP government to the use of the infamous Card Reader which was skilfully manipulated to the disadvantage of the PDP presidential candidate,” Mr. Okupe said.

The card readers were introduced to check election malpractices by matching each voter with biometric credentials held in INEC’s database before granting access to vote. The system was designed to eliminate multiple voting by an individual. The PDP rejected the introduction of the card readers saying it gave the opposition an advantage.

“The third error of the PDP was to have fielded a good, God fearing and patriotic man who in spite of his enormous power, the avalanche of deployable arsenal of war at his disposal, transformed himself to be the victim and refused to fight so that his countrymen may live and his Nation survived. The situation in Burundi today is highly instructive,” Mr. Okupe said.

“Certainly history will treat Goodluck Jonathan as one of the greatest Heroes of this generation of African Leaders. Definitely NOT an Error by any stretch of imagination,” he added.

“I speak today not as a spokesman for President Jonathan. An episode and a proud chapter of my life which has since come to a close. Rather I speak as a student of History and a veritable stakeholder in the Nigerian project,” he concluded.

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