3 Things That Will Always Be Perculiar To Festivities In Nigeria


There is no doubt that Nigerians love holidays and festivities in general like we are having now and this is the kind of holidays we usually love, where we do not get to work from Thursday up until Sunday! Whoops! That is what we call enjoyment galore…

But most of the time, I do not blame us because some of us are hardworkers and really do derserve this rest and long holidays like these to rest the mind and body.

Growing up as a Nigerian child, as far as festivities in Nigeria is concerned, there are 3 things that I have noticed are usually the highlights and that is what we will be looking at one after the other.

Eating and Drinking


One standout feature during festive periods in Nigeria is the plethora of variety of delicacies and pool of drinks available to choose from in most Nigerian homes. And for the kids, they always look forward to their jollof rice and chicken as in some cases, its the only time they get to cook it at home.

Pounded yam with vegetable and assorted meat; Photo Credit: www.nairaland.com


Variety of Nigerian delicacies, Photo Credit: www.ihuanedo.ning.com


Pepper soup; Photo Credit: www.mamasdish.com

New clothes or wears in general

This particular one is usually associated with the kids but these days, even adults unconsciously find themselves wearing new outfits to their places of worship during religious celebrations.

But for the kids, it is more serious business as it could be a yardstick to measure if their parents love them or not! Yes, it is that serious for them.

Funny thing is, you just know, when a child is putting on new wears during a festive period. The spirit is different, lol…

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

Imagine the kind of hell this little boy will let loose if his parents refuse to get him Christmas clothes.

Photo Credit: www.pinterest.com

This is the spirit, when a child is rocking something that feels new…

Photo Credit: www.ink361.com


Places like the beach, parks, recreational centres etc are usually always overcrowded whenever their is any form of celebration or festivity in Nigeria. It is so bad that a lot of people stay back till the next day or two days after to go have their own fun, because of the large crowd usually experienced on the main day.

Nigerians during a celebration at the bar beach; Photo Credit; www.google.com


Nigerians at amusement park; Photo Credit: www.thelondonnigerian.com


Kids at a park having fun; Photo Credit: www.dailyreviewonline.com.ng




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