4 Common Tricks Men Use To Get Into Women’s Pants… Don’t Fall A Victim!



When a man is hungry and desperate for sex, there is just about no lie he can’t tell. They have quite a lot of tricks they pull and when they are in desperate need of something, they just let it down their sleeves, one after the other.

We would just highlight a few of them that are commonly used for you. Here are 4 of them:

I love you.

This is the big one that seems to work most of the time. The ladies are usually moved by what they hear, so it usually is not difficult for these guys to whisper “I love you” into your hears because they know its what you want to hear!


Also, knowing that sex for women is as emotional as it is physical, men lie that they are in love, thereby appealing to the woman’s soft side.

You’re the only one I’m seeing.

This is another one that works many times. The guy tries to make the woman believe that there is no one else. Hence, the need to be fully committed, let him have a bite of the honeycomb and give him unrestricted access to do whatever he wants.

I’m already erect/hard, I’ll suffer pains.

A desperate guy can use his erection as an excuse to get laid. Truly an erection left unrelieved can hurt, but not so hard that he NEEDS to have sex – unless of course he has used performance enhancers already.

…And well, if unfortunately he has, some girls will make him pay dearly for that.

I’m a virgin.

Yeah, men are virgins too! More than a few guys have played that card. They will say they want the lady in question to help them get over their virginity. It just might be true though.

But imagine on the otherhand, the girl concedes and then he begins to do all sorts of snake in the monkey shadow things…. it just means babe has been fooled!

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