5 Ways To Turn Up Her Libido And Leave Her Begging To Have You



Has your woman gotten to that point where she’s tired because it same old, same old? Don’t despair and don’t be sad, there is always a way out of everything and you can make her crave for you, to be with you once more.

Or… is your woman’s libido taking a nose-dive? Do you ever wonder what happened to the early stages of your relationship when she wanted to get it on as much as you? Do you feel like you now have to earn the right to have sex with her? …And it’s nowhere near as hot or exciting as you’d like?

Society would have you believe it’s normal and that women just don’t like sex as much as men. As you’re about to learn, however, that’s not true at all.


In fact, if you use the five tips below, you just might be the one who has to turn her down, because she wants it more often than you. So, below are 5 tips to rejuvenate her libido and have her begging to have you.

1. You have to make her feel safe to disclose her sexual desires and preferences to you.

With religious groups, media and society ready to shame and ridicule any woman who doesn’t repress her “dirty desires and fantasies,” you have to show her that being the erotically charged goddess she is, is a good thing.

How? By NEVER judging, ridiculing or shaming her for her sexual preferences or choices, no matter how odd they might seem to you. Encourage and reward your woman’s fantasies with an open mind and a willingness to explore them with her — no matter what our sex-fearing society may think.

If you want her to crave sex with you so much that she initiates it on a regular basis, show her that it’s safe to “let loose or let go.”

2. You have to step up your foreplay game to a higher level.

Most men think foreplay is all the physical stuff that happens before sex. The truth is, foreplay is ALWAYS happening! This is because foreplay has two main objectives: to demonstrate that it’s safe for her to “let go” and to get her turned on and craving you.

Now, here’s where there is an issue: if you wait until you’re in the mood to meet these two objectives, it will take a long time to bring her up to your level of arousal. When you realize that foreplay is always on and learn how to give it to her throughout the day, she’ll be excited and wanting you before you get into the bedroom.

Think about it this way: Foreplay is the way you look at her when she walks through the door, or the way you pin her up against the wall and give her a deep, passionate kiss in the middle of the day. Foreplay is the way you tell her how sexy her butt looks in those pants, without any expectation of sex (at least, not yet).

When you start giving her random foreplay throughout the day, her subconscious starts to associate you with being turned on and by the time you’re ready, she probably on your level of arousal too and also ready for you.

3. Rejig your sex life with some excitement.

Think about the most exciting and pleasurable sexual experience you’ve ever had. What made it so exciting? Think about how you could incorporate some of those excitement more into your sex life .

4. She’s gotten tired of the “same old, same old”

They say variety is the spice of life. There are times she wants more — much more!

Sometimes, she wants you to ravage her with rough sex, or is just in the mood for a quickie. Maybe she has some odd fantasy or fetish that she’s burning to have fulfilled — it’s your job to give it to her.

She wants and needs a variety of sexual experiences in order to be happy and satified. Don’t be the guy who gets great at just one type of sex, just because she’ll never be completely satisfied.

5. Don’t leave her hanging, give her more orgasms.

Maintaining an erection or finishing too quickly is understandable, but don’t leave her hanging!

Did you know her clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings and 18 specific parts? Or how about the fact that women can have 9 different types of orgasms? When you combine all the possibilities, there are 67 ways to give a woman a foreplay orgasm!

With that in mind, there’s no reason you can’t give your girl at least one orgasm during foreplay. After you master the basics, we can talk about multiples, simultaneous and even blended orgasms — the possibilities are limitless.

Try these 5 tips and you sure will see some changes.

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