6 Things You Should Never Do At A Destination Wedding


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Excitement, smiles, and merriment are the features of a destination wedding. Invitees either drive a few miles or board a plane to a choice location to witness the joining of husband and wife in holy matrimony.  


The logistics for organizing these types of weddings are enormous and it is expected that no efforts should be spared to organize a fantastic and hitch free one for the wedding to have a cheerful end.



However, there are rare situations that may lead to disruptions. Whether you are set to hold yours in Calabar or Dubai, Jovago.com, Africa’s number 1 hotel booking portal rounds up things that you should never do at a destination wedding.


Don’t bring your kids if they’re not invited

Since kids can get too excited and loud, it is advisable to leave them at home. If they are not watched with an eagle eye, they will run around and disrupt the wedding. In addition, the cries of babies may not be appealing to others. It is either you come with a babysitter or you deposit the kids to a family member or friend.


Keep your commitment

Fulfilling a commitment to attend a destination wedding is very important especially if you sent in an RSVP confirming your attendance. But, if you cannot make it, put a call through to the bride or groom offering reasons why you cannot there.  If eventually you make it, ensure that have a brief discussion with the couple.   


Don’t bring an uninvited guest

Destination weddings are strictly organized on a budget and only invited guests will be allowed to attend. There is no room for bringing a friend or a significant other. Also, keep in mind the cost implications the celebrants need to bear, be considerate and stick to their demands.

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Gifts are not compulsory

Many people who attend wedding feel the compulsion to bring gifts. But if you cannot afford one, it is not a problem. The couples will even cherish your presence whether you deliver gifts or not. With or without the gifts, your best bet is to be at the event.


Don’t leave before the photo session

Words alone cannot describe the thrills of a destination wedding, pictures can tell better narrations. Hence, ensure that you do not leave without taking photos with the couple, families and friends. It helps build memories and grooms long lasting relationships.


Don’t post pictures on social media

On the invitation card, it may be stated that cameras are not allowed except the one hired by the couple. A magazine may have been paid to cover the wedding. Thus, the couple wants them to have exclusive pictures at the Hotel or any venue they choose. So, do not take pictures without an express permission.



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