7 Best Sex Positions For Pregnant Women



Sex during pregnancy is good for both you and your baby. It can help you sleep better, lower your blood pressure, and even make you happier. Remember that if you are happy, then your baby is too.

It is perfectly safe to have sex when pregnant because it boasts a number of big health benefits, as it increases intimacy between partners.

Also the chemicals released during orgasm help you to relax.


Here are five top positions you should try out:

  1. Spooning:Lie side by side with him behind you. This makes for more shallow penetration. This is a comfortable way to have sex, because there’s no pressure on your abdomen and you have lots of movement. This is especially good for the late stages of pregnancy.
  2. Woman on top:Another great position for pregnancy is the classic woman on top. Gently lower yourself on top of your partner while he lies back on the bed.
  3. The manhandle her:Stand in front of your partner and get yourself into a position so he can enter you from behind (you might need to bend forward slightly). Then slowly straighten up, ensuring he stays inside you. You don’t need to worry about your bump getting in the way.
  4. Reverse cowgirl: Let your man lie flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge. Climb on top of him but face away from him and lean forward with your arms, resting on his knees or thighs and let him enter you.
  5. Good spread:Get your partner to lie flat on his back, then climb on top of him and slowly start to spread your legs out as far as you can get them. Then place your hands on his chest and rock back and forth.
  6. Half off the bed:Try lying back, placing your bottom near the edge of the bed and your feet on the floor. Your partner then enters by kneeling or standing between your legs.
  7. Lap Top: This is very much like the reverse cowgirl position. The only difference is that the man should be sitting on a chair instead of lying down on the bed. Your partner must be facing your back.


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