7 Most Ridiculous Nigerian Music Artworks Of 2015


When multiple Grammy award-winner, Lauryn Hill thundered on “Superstar”: “Music is supposed to inspire”; she wasn’t merely referring to the lyrics of songs, but it could be pushed to accommodate the entire process that goes into music, including music artworks/cover art(s).

The first contact with music has to be the artwork. That’s what people see before they hit “download” then “play”. Music artworks offer a peep into what the music will sound like and ultimately a view into the artistes’ thought, ideas and how they attempt to merge their consciousness with ours.

So when Nigerian rapper, Reminisce, released the August Udoh-inspired artwork for his “Baba Hafusa” album, it got praises for creativity. Or, when Abinibi created a masterpiece for Brymo’s “Fe Mi”; one could tell that so much thought went into it. We can see other examples in Bemyoda’s “Forever”, Nneka’s “Soul Is Heavy”.

Music artworks like the content of the music matters– and if you think they don’t, you could as well have a blank, soulless, lifeless, vapid jacket like Kanye West’s “Yeezus”.


So, here are 7 most ridiculous music artworks by Nigerians in 2015; some of them will have you like…




Cynthia Morgan- Baby Mama




This is perhaps the most ridiculous music artwork you will see this year. This is grotesque! So in poor taste and utterly disgusting (to the human senses). How in the world did Jude Okoye’s Northside Inc. sign off on this Prince Badexx cover art? How do you have your artiste, Cynthia Morgan, get on a photoshoot holding an infant while clutching on to a red cup (used for alcohol)? How do you put a hookah pot in a baby stroller while an infant (your artiste’s baby cousin) has a hookah pipe in his grip?

What the heck went wrong with the artiste manager and whoever is the A&R? What ugly, downright senseless message are you trying to pass to society? That it’s okay to smoke along with kids? Or to share a cup of alcohol at the creche next time you visit?

I know it could be argued that art is neither moral nor amoral but there is a line one MUST NOT cross! No matter how edgy Cynthia Morgan tries to be– this is the worst barrel of her German juice she’s been sipping on.

Skiibii- Sampu

If you are going to pull the biggest stunt of the year in the Nigerian music industry and even beyond pop culture…don’t come out of it with utter trash. If you are going to fake your own death (BTW, we are not buying the blame-my-manager-I-knew-nothing-about-it defence) and rise like Lazarus just to promote your new single, the least you can do is put as much earth wisdom (since you died, right?) into your music and artwork. That isn’t too much to ask.


Hot Joint? More like “Hot Trash”

Skales- Man of the Year

You can name your album after the title of another artiste’s song (well, Jay-Z did it with “Blueprint” even though KRS 1 already did “Blueprint”)…you are forgiven! But why in the world will you test our spirits with this ridiculous music artwork?

Holding a Styrofoam cup aka red cup aka alcohol cup on your debut album? Is that how you want to be remembered? Why did Baseline Entertainment do this to Young Skales? Then you go cliche, as if you’ve not done enough, to put a crown?


Olamide & Phyno- 2 Kings


You put the two hottest Nigerian rappers on an album. Two of the hottest Nigerian music artistes on an album. And this is what came out? This the blandest, most uninspiring, no creativity piece you will see this year. Cliched. Vapid. Throwaway. Forgettable. Lost in the annals of history. Olamide and Phyno probably were in Cloud 9 and couldn’t see the trash that whoever designed (and I use “designed” assuming that was what actually happened) this presented.

Vic O- R.I.P Drake & Meek Mill

If you never saw this, count yourself lucky…


…Sorry. You’re now out of luck. My bad!

Samklef- Sound of Muzik


Back cover. Front cover. Whatever excuse you might pull out from wherever they were formerly locked. This artwork has the same excellent resolution as the NTA picture quality. No, I’m not crying. My eyes just hurt… and reminds me of…

Photo Credit: Twitter.

…yes, Toronto’s Mayor, Norm Kelly’s hilarious take on Drake’s “Back to Back” Meek Mill diss. Go on, say it! How Charles Colton said “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

Still doesn’t work for the eyes…and creativity. And, we should all forget the obvious lifting of “Sound of Music”, maybe.

Sean Tizzle- Abiamo

1122 Honestly…


Why is a grown man with moustache, in the body of a neonate, carried by a young lady?


Dear Sean Tizzle, Benjamin Button was as real as Nigeria losing 99-1 to India.

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