7 Songs That Explain The Life Of An Average Nigerian



We usually diss Nigerian musicians for their bum-bum, sex and boobs lyrics from time to time. This has made Nigerians limit their following to a select few who are known for original lyrics which preaches morality, talks about societal issues and affect lives positively with their music.

Well, in the midst of all the funny lyrics, we have been able to pick out some songs that every Nigerian can easily relate to because, it explains exactly how thing work in this part of the world.

1) Story for the gods – Olamide.


This song talks about how young guys take hot drinks just to get high and hard in order to enhance their performance in bed. Funny thing is most times before they take it, they already have an appointment with a girl (it necessarily doesn’t have to be their girlfriend though) and once they take it, they’re on cloud nine and can even rough handle her if care is not taken.

2)  Facebook Love – Essence feat. Jaywon.

This one is very straight to the point as there is no where Nigerians cannot find love; Facebook and other social media platforms inclusive. To make matters worse, we go kon they lie on top, chai! When we now see the guy real life and breeze blow for fowl yansh to open, e go con be like say na film trick.

3) Only me – 2Face.

Well, 2baba has said he didn’t sing this song for Mikel but how about, the inspiration came from that incident??? It was rumoured that they both met in London but the Chelsea star snubbed him… Anyways what me I know is that, when Nigerians make small money or have small change, some of us just act like we have never been poor or nothing else matters because we’re well to do. My brothers and sisters, it shouldn’t be so!

4) You know it – Eldee and Goldie.

Remember the line “mo le gbo ko lowo e” meaning: I can take your husband away from you! Some girls are very dangerous and you should do everything to avoid them because if they mean you, they can take your husband away from you. So just respect them and give such people space. No find their trouble ooo. A word is enough for the wise. Yoruba women call these girls/husband snatchers “awon omo elese sho sho sho” – girls with tiny legs! Lol…

5) Lagos Party – Banky W.

According to the lyrics, “there ain’t no party like the Lagos party!” Yea? You can’t have a better turn up than in Lagos if you want to have a massive event. Lagos will always turn up! It is the home of entertainment in Nigeria.

6) If you ask me – Omawunmi.

See ehn, e get some questions wey person go ask u wey u go just mute. Mute not because you don’t know the answer, but because u know want make them hear am for your mouth because you don’t know the magnitude of the chaos your reply might cause. A typical yoruba person’s reply in this situation would be “enu mi ko ni won a ti gbo pe iya teacher ku…” – no be for my mouth dem go hear say bad thing happen.

7) Bring it on – P-Square.

This song explains the life of a typical Nigerian who is determined and resolute about succeeding. Whatever life throws at you, you just keep moving through it and keeping pushing till you reach the finish line. It is called the Nigerian spirit – the never say die attitude… BRING IT ON!

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