APC ‘will not dig into the past of any politician’



The All Progressives Congress (APC) says it will not dig into the past to unearth cases of corruption against anyone because it is more concerned about the future of the country.

However, it advised public office holders to desist from engaging in corrupt practices.

John Oyegun, the national chairman of the party, who made this disclosure in Benin on Monday, said only those who want to remain corrupt would fear the government of Muhammadu Buhari, the presidential candidate of the APC.


“It is clear that from the Buhari perspective and that of the APC, the future of the people of this country, is too important for us to spend valuable time trying to dig‎ into the past,” he said.

“The message will be clear. Whatever you engage in before that is detrimental to the people of this country, please stop it; change has come. It is time for change and anybody who decides that he does not want to be part of change and wants business as usual that is his choice.

“And we are going to go into a situation, post May 2015, where the law will normally take its course. There will be a line drawn in the sand; on one part is the past, the other side is the future.

“If you are part of the future, part of change, part of changing society from all these debilitating ills that have brought us to our knees, you are our friend. You have nothing at all to fear. We don’t have time to go digging into the past, the future of our people is the challenge that we have not the past.”

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