ART OR MADNESS? Why I Performed ‘Naked’ In London – Brymo [SEE]


Singer, Olawale Ashimi, aka Brymo’s performance has been one of the trending topics on the blogosphere, as he performed semi-nude in London and the video immediately went viral on the Internet.


Brymo wrapped a piece of clothe around his loins while his butt was left bare, for his performance

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Brymo explained the reason for his choice of appearance for the show.


He said:

“That was the way our forefathers used to dress before the arrival of the West. As a matter of fact, some months ago, a picture circulated on the Internet of a wealthy Igbo farmer who dressed that way in 1930. I just wanted to remind people of our past. It surprises me that people are shocked whenever I dress that way.

That was the same way I dressed in the video for my song, Heya. In this part of the world, we are mostly consumers; not creators. If the advanced world should come here and take all of their technologies, we would be left naked.

“However, I appreciate the people who follow my music and see it as a form of artistic expression. Those are the people I do this for. For those who don’t like it; sorry, I don’t know what to do about that.”

Meanwhile, the singer also admitted that he was often misunderstood.

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Brymo said:

Yes, I am often misunderstood because some people don’t understand what I do. Most of these people are not in the entertainment industry; so, they don’t really understand the concept behind the art. I don’t have a problem with the fact that the mainstream industry doesn’t celebrate me because they only celebrate those they can control.

I had already become a musician before finding out how the music industry works. I had two options – to either pack my bags and run or stay. A lot of things are wrong with the music industry as it is currently set up because there is no structure. After releasing an album, an artiste is supposed to take a break for about a year or two before recording another album; but it is not so here.”

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Brymo also noted that the intention of most international companies that sign Nigerian artistes is to exploit them.

He added:

“When it comes to international deals, I have had about three offers and we took one with PMG, a record company based in Oklahoma, USA. The deal lasted for a year and I decided to be independent after that.

I was also offered a deal by Sony but we didn’t take it because they were not ready to give us what we asked for. My experience with foreign labels has shown that they are more interested in taking our catalog away. In the future, all our musicians would be depending on foreigners to pay them royalties.”

Olawale Ashimi, more popularly known as Brymo, is one man who has grown from that commercial artist trying to score a hit so the heavy money-pumping brands won’t run to another artist, to that artist whose voice, melody and rhyme finds its way to the loneliest and deepest part of emotions. He is one of the very few whose music would make many listeners take a pen and jotter to write down the words of wisdom coming from his songs. He did not just jump out of the blues into the music space; he had to journey through some burning flames to become who he is today.

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