BAN ON FOREIGN GOODS: Why Buhari Must Have A Rethink About His Economic Policies (SEE)

BAN ON FOREIGN GOODS: Why Buhari Must Have A Rethink About His Economic Policies . (Photo Credit: Reports Afrique News)
BAN ON FOREIGN GOODS: Why Buhari Must Have A Rethink About His Economic Policies . (Photo Credit: Reports Afrique News)

Putting Nigeria’s current economic down turn among other issues in the country into consideration , president Muhammadu Buhari’s biggest mistake in 2017 might be executing shallow economic policies.

Good policies in any given country do not just spring up because the government of the day deems it fit, good policies are usually research oriented and people friendly.

As a leader, before making a policy or taking any decision, you have to first realize that what ever decision you make, your followers will always be at the receiving end.

Nigeria is currently under recession with thousand of jobless graduates , facing daily Boko Haram crisis, Battling with herdsmen attacks and having one of the most devalued currencies in the world among other pressing issues. Thus, president Buhari needs to come up a  workable economic policies.


During a retreat in March, 2016, president Buhari presented the National Economic Council, his administration’s economic policies which he grouped under four major categories. He said;

“I am going to throw at this gathering some random policy options filtered from across the spectrum of our stakeholders on four (4) selected sectors of our economy. These are:
– Agriculture
– Power
– Manufacturing
– Housing.”

While review these policies, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), on Sunday, January 15th, 2017, has called on Buahri to reveiw his economic policies and come up with a more workable one as this “lacks human face.”

While delivering a speech, CAN president, Samson Ayokunle through his Special Assistant on Media and Communications, Adebayo Oladeji, said;

“Fowls used to be a common gift to friends during Christmas celebration. During the just-ended celebration, it hardly featured as Christmas gift item. Humanly speaking, things are tough for many. Businesses that are foreign-currency dependent are closing down and people are loosing their jobs.

“This economic policy appears to lack human face. What is the essence of banning foreign goods when the government has not been able to make such goods locally available in abundance? Such ban would just encourage smuggling and a lot of revenue would be lost by the government.”

As a leader, if you want to shut down a particular road for re-constructions, it is only fair and wise to ensure that there is an alternative rout is ready for your followers to manage until things get better.

Why make policies banning foreign goods into the country when the country is not strong YET to stand on its own?

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