Banks And Revenue Generation Amidst Poor Services For Nigerians (LOOK)

Banks And Revenue Generation Amidst Poor Services For Nigerians . Photo Credit: Guardian
Banks And Revenue Generation Amidst Poor Services For Nigerians . Photo Credit: Guardian

Nothing should matter to any organization or company than the satisfying their customers who work so hard to ensure such establishment stay afloat amidst competitions.

Now, it should not be out of place for Nigerians who are banking with Zenith Bank to enjoy good services not just for the fact that they have helped built the bank this far financially, but also for their loyalty as well.

Over time, the bank has lost its spot as one of the country’s best due to constant and unresolved complains by their customers.

This becomes worse by the day as new banks are coming up daily who are ready to replace the mother-banks in terms of good service delivery.


To some, Zenith Bank places unnecessary charges on basically service rendered even when such a service could actually go for free looking at the profit they maximize from their customers. Automated Teller Machine for instance, customers are being charged the sum of N65 as many times they cash money through that medium using another bank.

Customers always complain about SMS alert charges as well as monthly statement charges.
These are services which the bank could actually do without any charges but they do it all the same.

On several occasions, customers will lay complaints and they will not be attended to.
What about the issue of lack of adequate staff in most of their branches across the country?
There have been countless scenarios in Nigeria where bankers, both senior and junior staff, have scammed their customers in a way or two and even robbed them sometimes without proper punishment being served.

Then one begin to wonder how safe is their money even in banks as those who are supposed to ensure its safety are same people trying to do away with it.

All these issues should not be coming at this point giving the fact that Zenith bank been operating in the country for decades now.

Come to think of it, does Zenith Bank embark on customer satisfaction survey? Aside from the daily and regular complaints they receive from customers which they often ignore, how do they know what their customers need, where they are getting it wrong and where they need to improve in order to serve their customers better?

Well, as Zenith Bank continues to grow older, they need also to improve in their services to Nigerians who are working so hard to ensure that the bank stays afloat amidst the serious competition on ground.

Nigerians sure deserve better services from not just Zenith bank but all banks in the country.


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