BARE IT ALL!! Thirty Women Pose Naked To Protest Facebook’s Nudity Rules [PHOTOS]


(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

Thirty women came together and posed for photographs together to protest Facebook nudity rules.

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

Facebook users have made endless complaints about the strict nudity rules observed by the platform.


Apparently fed up of being told her naked body is unacceptable, Photographer Trina Cary, who posts nude pictures of herself regularly on Facebook decided to stage a protest.

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

She observed that videos of naked men, sexual and suggestive images, and violent pictures are shared on Facebook without any issue, while her artwork was banned.

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

But every time she posted a nude self-portrait, that photo would quickly be reported – despite Trina taking the time to censor every image so it doesn’t violate Facebook’s community standards.

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

Last week she posted a photo with her hands covering her breasts, naked but with a patch of thorns covering up her genital area and within ten minutes the post was reported and she was banned from Facebook for seven days over ‘inappropriate content’.

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

She said: “I darkened my lower half so that you couldn’t see anything at all even if you zoomed in on your phone.

“I loved this photo. I felt like me in it. I felt strong and beautiful. I was so delighted to have gotten one good image from my self portrait session and was so excited to share it with all of my followers.”

censored women photo series

Trina posted a callout on Facebook, inviting women to join her for a nude photoshoot and 30 women responded.

The group headed to a stark rock quarry in Kelowna, Canada, to strip down entirely nude, leaving their boobs and private parts to the mercy of ‘censored’ tapes.

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

Trina said: “The process was absolute chaos. But amazing chaos.

“These women showed up nervous and shaky, not knowing one another at all and yet within 10 minutes they were all best friends.

“Helping tape each other laughing and exchanging compliments. There was no judgement, no fear just courage, empowerment and joy.”

One of the women, Mariah Raven, said that she had never felt so at peace as she did posing nude with 29 other women.

“I wasn’t looking around judging others, for once I felt like we were all just equal. It was the most freeing feeling I’ve ever felt.

“This shoot reminded me to love my body, to love myself and every bit of it. It brought back my confidence.”

censored women photo series

Another participant, Paige, also found the photoshoot empowering.

She said: “Everyone there had their own reasons to do it. Mine was to finally face my own insecurities. My body.

“I went from a size 9 to a size 18 in the course of a year after having my daughter. My body changed and I hated it.

“I hated myself. I hated mirrors and I hid myself in layers of clothing.

“Yesterday, against my own insecurities, I stripped out of those layers and I bared it all. Standing amongst a group of incredible, strong and beautiful women, I felt loved and accepted and beautiful myself.

“This morning I woke up to find this picture from the shoot and I panicked. There I am, my biggest insecurities laid out before my eyes. My body, my stomach.

“But then I looked and I’m smiling in that photo. I’m happy in that photo, and I’m standing beside a gorgeous, incredible women, who I just met and we are strong. We are united. We are beautiful. We are love.”

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

HR Starr, another woman who stripped off for the shoot, described the experience as ‘incredible.

“We as women are so frequently told our bodies are dirty, or need to be hidden, or that there is something wrong if we don’t meet certain standards,’ she said.

“This is about owning and loving ourselves. And about not being complacent when people want to censor us.’

(Picture: Trina Cary Photography)

Trina explained that the message of the photoshoot is simple: it’s a big fuck you to Facebook’s community standards, and to the people who keep reporting her photos.

“These are the images people should see, these are the images your children should look at.

‘Don’t you want your daughter to see a photo of you standing strong and confident, embracing your flaws and laughing with a bunch of women?

“I understand there are the haters out there who don’t believe you have to be naked to be empowered and to each their own.

“But I know for myself and quite a few others, they do, it’s about baring all and still feeling beautiful. Seeing and accepting and supporting others with love and compliments.

“We are real, we are strong and we are proud confident, beautiful women.”

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