Between Nigerian Youths And EFCC’s Solution Of Introducing ‘Corruption Studies’ In Schools [OPEN]

Students. (Photo Credit: The New York Times)
Students. (Photo Credit: The New York Times)

Corruption is a phenomenon that is present in most countries but has become somewhat peculiar to Nigeria due to its persistent nature over the years.

It has been defined as dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

Corruption is endemic that is imminent in virtually all human activity sectors ranging from health to education, transport, unemployment, religious, games and sports, land and property acquisition, judiciary, security arena and narcotic production and smuggling and a lot more.

Statistics show that in 2012, Nigeria lost an estimation of over $400 billion to corruption since her independence in 1960.


The Giant of Africa has been ravaged by corruption which has adverse effects that are not palatable to the growth of the country.

Corruption is the major reason why Nigerian economy is experiencing the nature of meltdown that has made the country a laughing stock to so many people.

The national education standard has been eroded by corruption, health standards are nothing to write home about and religious leaders are tools of embezzlement of national lootings.

Nigeria has been ranked high in corruption by Transparency International and other notable organizations that monitor corrupt practices around the world and this obviously doesn’t say well of the country.

So many leaders have done their bid to curtail the cankerworm over the years even though it has proven to be an uphill task so far but there is a hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It is in line with the quest that the current administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari has continued to exude an unwavering determination in the anti-corruption stance amidst so many criticisms that would have ordinarily discouraged any chicken-hearted fellow.

So far, Buhari has recorded quite a handful of success in his anti-corruption war with the introduction of some viable strategies including the ‘Whistleblowers Policy’ aimed at nabbing corrupt citizens to serve as a deterrent to others.

Barely two years into his administration and millions of loot have already been recovered from corrupt political office holders with so many more in the offing.

Most of the guilty officials are no longer at ease and some of them have turned the looted funds in and surrendered themselves for fear of being embarrassed.

Buhari is sure getting the needed support by anti-corruption agencies in the country which have shown their sheer determination to ensure that corruption is kicked out of the country.

In the spirit of war against corruption, Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC are considering introducing ‘Corruption Studies’ in school curriculum for youths.

By so doing, it is hoped that the targeted youths who are the heart of the nation will get a better grasp of what the whole concept of corruption is and even get a better understanding to strategies to fight it.

This is actually a good move because if the youths are well informed about the major problem of the country including the possible solutions, when they eventually take up the reins of power as the leaders of tomorrow, there is a higher possibility that they would apply what they have learnt so far and achieve the desired result.

Perhaps the present leaders are finding it difficult to tackle corruption because they had no prior information or education about the concept.

The Federal Government should take the idea seriously especially at the time when the fight against corruption has taken its full course and is garnering the needed attention even by world leaders who have pledged their support at one point or the other.

The Ministry of Education led by Adamu Adamu should duly incorporate ‘Corruption Studies’ into the curriculum and also ensure they make it compulsory for students.

With this strategy, there is a high optimism that the menace of corruption will experience a drastic fall if not an entire exodus from Nigeria.

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