Biafra and Oduduwa Republic. (Photo Credit: Omojuwa)
Biafra and Oduduwa Republic. (Photo Credit: Omojuwa)

With the spate of ethno-religious, political and economic troubles, there has been fears that the entity called Nigeria may cease to exist sooner than imagined.

The rate at which people from different tribes seek to separate from the country amidst the fight for one nation makes one wonder if the ‘Things fall apart and the centre cannot hold’ assertion in the ‘Second Coming’ poem is actually a prophecy come true.

With each passing day, reality continues to dawn on us that Nigeria is falling apart and the centre is no longer holding.

The country is saddled with many different sub nations that are incompatible from Adam and no amount of pacification both from local and international influence seems to give the expected effect.


Ethnic and religious hostility have grown so bad over the years that the once hope of Africa and pride of every black man appear to have finally lost her sense of relevance.

Insurgency from the North-Eastern part of the federation has succeeded in tearing the country further apart as most people have been forced to relocate to their abodes which indirectly fuels the secession quest further.

While the Igbo secessionists under the auspices of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB are fighting tooth and nail to achieve their own independent state, a Yoruba sect known as Oduduwa Republic has duly joined the chorus.

Being among the major ethnic groups in Nigeria, if they both succeed in their quest to separate, people from the other groups will have little or no issues going their separate ways.

In a similar fashion, Niger Delta militants have made a case to also be granted freedom from Nigeria  after accusing the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government of disappointing many Nigerians with their misdirected policies that have divided the country and as such made everyone to push for separation as nothing seems palatable in associating with a failed state.

Surviving in Nigeria is getting harder by day due to the pathetic economic crisis currently rocking the country.

People literally feed from hand to mouth as price of things continue to get higher by the day coupled with the Naira losing its value and the continued crash in the price of oil which is a major source of revenue for the country.

Moving to separate from Nigeria may not be a crime but would it make sense at the end of the day considering that there is also an inherent hate for one another among these tribes that are at the forefront of the secession campaign.

It is only a few months to October 1, when every nook and cranny would be adorned with green and white flags to mark the 57th Independence Anniversary of a nation which has barely nothing to show for all those years.

Sadly, it could be a chant of ‘how art the mighty fallen’ in the end if nothing is done as a matter of urgency to quell the agitators.

This doesn’t mean that they should be gagged and their freedom robbed off them, but strategic measures should be put in place to make them long to have a feel of what Nigeria is all about once more.

If not, famed writer Chinua Achebe would definitely deserve a post humus award for rightly predicting that ‘there was a country’.

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