Big Brother Naija. (Photo Credit: Today)
Big Brother Naija. (Photo Credit: Today)

Yesterday, the much anticipated Big Brother Naija reality show was re-launched after a ten-year hiatus but there is a problem.

The reality show is already generating as much heat as expected from the audience and fans who missed it all the while, but the question that begs for answer is why the venue of the show is located in South Africa even though it took about 10 years to stage a comeback?

Ordinarily, a 10-year-old child in Africa and even some other continents should be learning to be independent already but the passing years have made little or no impact in Nigeria.

Power supply used to be very poor as at the last time the show was hosted and ten years down the lane, there still has not been any palpable improvement as it remains as epileptic as it used to be with mounting security problems making matters even worse.


With the current situation of things in the country, apparently, we do not even have the basic facilities to make the show run hitch-free.

Nigeria is obviously unprepared for the show even though it took a whole 10 years for its return which was supposed to be top notch on return.

Or is ten years not long enough to have the government of well meaning organizations and individuals set up facilities in our own country so it would be worthwhile when it is finally launched?

To think that prominent Nigerian artists like K9, Yemi Alade and Flavour had to even travel that far to perform in a show which originally should be hosted in their own country is more ironic.

The host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu who was brought into the limelight after he emerged the winner of the first edition of the reality show even travelled to the location for the job.

Let’s leave you to imagine how much the country would have saved from the money they would be spending for his accommodation and upkeep if the show was hosted in Nigeria.

This could have been a boom for the Nigerian entertainment industry if the right facilities were already put in place in the country within these ten years.

Recall that The Voice Nigeria show was also held in the same South Africa last year.

Does it mean that Nigeria has finally lost her relevance among other nations of the world?

The funny part of it all is that the citizens who should be bothered seem not to even give a hoot about the entire situation.

How can shows which were supposed to attract people from other countries and perhaps lure foreign investors to the country be held in another country with an excuse that there is already a fully equipped house in South Africa which is used for the Big Brother shows.

Even with the excuse that the venue is already set up with all facilities required for the successful execution of the show, this still spells doom for the country.

It presents Nigeria in a bad light and does more harm to the already battered image the country already has with the economic problems and several other issues.

While announcing the supposedly huge comeback last year, the Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe said: “We are confident that it will draw pan-African audiences for the same reasons that Big Brother Africa did.”

Of what relevance is the show if the primary intention of such shows has been defeated?

Big Brother Naija (the Naija which stands for Nigeria) is being held in South Africa? How awkward that sounds!

Can South Africa comfortably host a reality show in Nigeria?

Who did this to us?

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