Buhari’s 100 Days: Divergent Views, As Nigerians Rate Performance (See Ratings)

President Buhari
President Buhari

In commemoration of Buhari’s 100 days in office, THESHEET.NG decided to x-ray the views of Nigerians on the President’s performance in his first 100 days in office.

Ms Margaret Odia- Corps member


Though I have not been following political trends recently, no thanks to the remote location I am presently in. But I was one of those that campaigned vigorously for his emergence as President. I have confidence in his ability to transform Nigeria. Even with my shortage of information, I am aware that many people that looted money have started returning their loots and that is a good start for President Buhari. In my opinion, I will score above average so far.



Joyce Ebhaleme- Self employed


With no job creation??? Hell NO!! Insecurity still exist.

Ahmed Husseini Shuabu- Business man

Ahmed Husseini Shuabu-

Well to me on a scale of 1-10 i will give him 7 ,power has improved nationwide, petrol is now available after few months of scarcity, kerosene is #50 per litre and people are seeing the product, Boko haram will soon be seen as thing of the past. My problems with the first 100 days is the issues of unemployment, we have not seen our monies deposited in USA and other countries also no one has face the law from the previous administration for corruption. Let him act fast on them. Thank you.

Solademi Abiodun Samuel- Public Affairs Analyst


Well, let me start by saying that i am pleased with the Buhari administration. We are now experiencing what is termed as good governance. The counter insurgency operations are being successful, increase power supply, anti-corruption war, stability in the price of premium motor spirit just to mention but a few. I am very optimistic that in times to come every sector of Nigeria economy will experience a positive turn around if the tempo is maintained.

Richard Onyenike- Administrative Officer


Firstly, the term 100 days in office is not holistic enough in appraising a full tenure and I don’t subscribe to it, but because of the research I will contribute, Well the truth is that, he has done reasonably well in the economy at least being able to stabilize major parts , like PMS price, the anti-corruption crusade , even though he is being selective in his probe. Secondly, the federal character principle is not being followed to reflect one Nigeria and of course, the several sacking of officials in the service without due process in the name of restructuring is unacceptable.  However, on a scale of 1- 10, I will give him 4 due to the aforementioned reasons.


Jesse Adiele- Post-Graduate Student

He has not done well in terms of employment, reducing inequality and poverty. He is busy chasing looters while the poor Nigerians are dying due to his policies and actions. In fact, he has failed to meet my expectations of him on development. I will score him 2.

Musibau Jimoh- Artisan


For me, I don’t think 100 days is enough to judge him, because he has not started fulfilling his promises. For example, job creation and the free food to primary school pupils. With his 100 days in office, we cannot say if he would fulfill his promises or not. But I strongly believe his administration will be better than former PDP administrations.



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