Change Vs Transformation – J.P Udoba


Due to the desperation of some power- thirsty cartels to seize power by any means: there has been a carefully crafted plans and strategies by the clique to rage ‘wars’ on the nation.


Using several tools to achieve these, one of such is the media war of the APC and its cohorts, having known the power of the media in influencing the thinking of the populace, they use it to spread highly crafted and sophiscated lies against the nation and its principal officers who doesn’t support them.

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Owing to this many folks who knew close to nothing about this country, its economy or its leadership and have not gone to any part of the nation not even their hometown in the last ten years, except Lagos, Abuja or Kano where they reside;

they have not traveled anywhere in Nigeria to see the massive transgenerational transformation that is taking place all over the country, even in their villages, their grandmothers, elders and children, even the blind and the deaf can testify of the transformation.


Yet such lazy folks spend all day doing nothing meaningful on the internet and media houses but gossip. And allowed themselves to be used by this power- thirsty cartel whom I see as the enemies of this great nation Nigeria.

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This folks are been used by this cartels to rubbish the Transformation agenda of His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Ebele Johnathan, The President- GCFR of Nigeria.
These folks if you study their life closely they don’t really know the true meaning of transformation because if they do, they would have since thrown change in the trash bin and embrace trans’formation. Most members of this power and blood- thirsty cartels and the folks they’ve deceived and are using, in the past years might have changed, yes! maybe changed atire just like the General did but may have not taking a single transformative or transformational decision or action in their individual, family or career life.

Yet they’re disturbing the society with rants of change. Change? No change could be better than this massive and transgenerational transformation Nigerians are witnessing now; from North to South, East to West. I personally wants transformation, change is temporary but transformation, everlasting, its transgenerational.

Change is from the outside, merely scratching the surface while transformation is from inside-out, getting to the root and bringing wholistic solutions. Change is for the pharasees transformation is for the wise and the right thinking person.

This power- thirsty cartel are using their various ‘wars’ as smokescreen on the people of Nigeria, to deceive. But thank God we know the truth, thank God for history, thank God for posterity, Thank God for justice and the law of karma.



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