CHEAP BLACKMAIL? Family Accuses Toyin Aimakhu & Aramide Kasumu Of Wanting A Share Of The #SaveMayowa Money [LISTEN]

Toyin Aimakhu & Aramide Kasumu

When the #SaveMayowa fund raising plea appeared on the internet, many Nigerians went passionate about it.

Mayowa’s family, supported by Nollywood actress, Toyin Aimakhu, launched an online appeal to raise funds for her cancer surgery in an Atlanta-based hospital in the United States.

Within 3 days, a sum of $100,000 (about N30m) was raised for the ailing Mayowa despite the prevailing economic hardship.

Mayowa Ahmed, before and after her sickness.

Reports however went viral on Thursday, claiming that Mayowa’s medical reports had stated that she did not require surgery for her condition and that no hospital could save her.


The reports also accused Mayowa’s family of trying to use her predicament to make money from unsuspecting Nigerians, allegations the family denied.

A new twist has been added to the controversy. In a leaked audio of Mayowa’s brother (names withheld) obtained by Abiyamo, actress Toyin Aimakhu and founder of the Lifestake Foundation, Aramide Kasumu were accused of wanting part of the money raised for Mayowa.

In the audio recording, the brother said the foundation and Aimakhu were not interested in helping them for free and when they discovered that they were not going to get a penny, they resorted to blackmailing them and branding the whole thing a scam.

Listen to the audio below:

Read a transcript of the conversation below:

 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: Ehn, everybody is aware of that already. Nobody is telling lies. There is no lie in her call for help. She needed help. She needed money, where were we going to get N32 million naira? And she decided to do a video to explain her condition to people. You know the truth of the whole matter? All these foundations, all these people, in the course of that (the donations), different foundations came…


 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: I hope you understand?


 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: And all these foundations do not work alone. They all want money. Between you and I, people (from these foundations) will come to us and demand for various amounts of money (before they can assist us). You get?


 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: They wanted their own part of the money. 


 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: That is the simple truth. That is why you are hearing crazy rumours like that. Even Toyin Aimakhu herself is a thief.

CALLER: Ah, oh, she (Toyin Aimakhu) is an unfortunate person. So she did not release the money?

 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: No, there is money in the account. You understand? You know of the processing and all, you also know that some people do not get help for more than five, six months. You get? So Mayowa was followed by the grace of God for her to be able to raise such an amount of money in less than three days. So we started processing. She will initially go to Dubai (United Arab Emirates). As a matter of fact, our biggest cousin is in the embassy, working on the processing. Assuming we know the outcome was going to be like this, we could have even hastened the processing but where is the money? You can imagine running CT scans for more than five times. You know how much CT scan costs? I did it. I left Lagos to do it in Ilorin because it was cheaper there where I did it for N100,000. In Lagos here, if you do not have N350,000, you cannot do it.

CALLER: I understand, I understand.

 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: That is not to talk of the series of tests which are even small.

CALLER: You know what happened? They should not release the money if it is in Mayowa’s account.

 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: The money is inside Mayowa’s account. Nobody is releasing it and there is no problem. Those of you who are family and friends should let everyone know the accusation is false. We do not have anything to hide. We are doing the processing and it is not that easy.

CALLER: Thank you very much my brother, it will also go live on Abiyamo’s page. I will send it to them.

 Mayowa Ahmed’s brother: Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks.

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