Check Out These Top 5 Interesting Tweets Of The Day!


For some, popular social network, Twitter, is an avenue to express their opinions about burning social issues, while others use the platform as a creative outlet for their sense of humor. The Sheet has gone round the Twittershpere to bring to you 5 top tweets that we are sure yo will find very interesting or humorous.  In no particular order, check out the tweets below;

1. @NaijaCorpers: The election frenzy is on and, apparently, the politicians are out cajoling popular social media handles to campaign for them. The @NaijaCorpers handle is quite popular with undergraduates and youths in the country, and political parties would view it as an invaluable ally in the attempt to woo the teeming youth populace in the nation. But with this tweet, the handle has made it clear that it will not be partisan and will not partake in any election irregularity. Kudos @NaijaCorpers!

naija corpers

2. @KoloKennethK: Now this is a profound tweet by Social Good ambassador, Kolo Kenneth. Ladies, you know how you like to snoop on your guys phones to find out about the side chick? Well, Kenneth feels that the next time you do that, don’t go looking for suspicious chat messages from the ladies. rather, check the chats you man has with his close male friends. That’s where the dirt is most likely to be! Smart one Mr. KKK! Do you guys agree?


 kolo keneth

3. @ThisIsNotBuhari: Created to spoof the real @ThisIsBuhari account for General Mohammadu Buhari, this parody account will have you up in stitches! Following the trending hashtag #sinsofbuhari which was used to described some of the many perceived sins of the presidential candidate of the APC, the parody account tweeted what you can see below:

this is not buhari

4. @ZeSage: It is no longer news that Nigera’s general elections will be on the popular lover’s day, February 14, and many people (the females) are seeing this as either a curse, or a blessing (if you are a guy). Chidi Nnanna, with the twitter handle @ZeSage, has put another unique spin to this coincidence. So fellas and ladies, go out to vote cos you might just find your partner at the polling booth. Like Rihanna almost said, we find love in the ‘oddest’ place!


5. @OfficialAnietie: THIS! Short Bread…literally! Enough said.

short bred







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