Children’s Day: Child Education; Prerequisite For a Better Future


By Bode Ekerin

Nigerian school children celebrate Children’s day. Photo Credit: NTA

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men, there are no two ways to these than by giving a child sound education as education they say is the best legacy and knowledge they say is power. Education is preliminary to success. It is a veritable instrument for achieving success in pursuit or goal of whichever nature. It gives enlightenment and only the enlightened have the sufficient capacity to surmount the challenges of life.

Charles R.Swindol poignantly posited that “each day of our life we make a deposit in the memory bank of our children”. This assertion underscores the fact that whatever we do as parents or guardian has a long way to go in determining the altitude of a child. Of many values that may be transmitted to a child, education should assume ample impulse it should be arrogated more pre-eminence, as it serves as a leverage which alleviate and ameliorate a child’s course in life.

The greatest gift you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence. The children of today are the future of the society. Only through education can one withstand the rigour of facing life challenges and the ability to proffer solution to those problems. Education is a strong building block in building a stronger and healthier community.


Education is not merely going to school, it is an avenue for gaining skills of various kinds it is good to note that one major function of education is to boost creativity and creativity helps to attain their overall goal in life. It is a means of widening ones horizon. Albert Einstein described it as what is remaining when one has forgotten what is learnt in school.

Education plays a vital role in the shaping up of posterity and it has also been consequential in the development of the world over the years. Education helps a child develop his identity and be a contributing factor to the society. Children are the bed rock of any society as they grow to be future leaders they are the corner stone of development in the world.

It’s important to stress the values and importance of the knowledge through education. Education is a panacea for the abolition of discrimination it has helped to promote international interactions. It is essential in the bridging of gap between the developed or undeveloped countries.

It is trite to say that children are the leaders of tomorrow, the statement is true but need some modification as only a child with formal education is this opportunity opened to. However many children are not in school not because they chose that but because their parent have not got the resources to accord them such privilege. There is little or no hope of such child doing exploit and the possibility is high that such child will be a minion to his peers, such will be subject to the whims and caprices of his contemporaries. As parents, let us sacrifice our today so that our child can have a better tomorrow. Education is the greatest investment one can make in the life of a child. Children are inestimable, they are precious, a priceless possession. No amount of money invested in their education is too much a fortune.

Government should know that they owe it a duty to ensure that all child in the society is educated, education should be a right and not a privilege. Children of the poor who cannot afford the luxury of private schools should have the opportunity of attending a public government owned schools. The legacy of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo should be given continuous existence. Free education should be the mantra of any government coming to power. Primacy should be given to child education. Let us try to build a society devoid of illiterates and incivility. Education should be the government’s watchword.

Having in mind the importance of children and with the full knowledge of the fact that children are the future heritage, it is fitting to set aside a day to celebrate them and this day have been conventionally chosen. You are held in high esteem in our heart. Our love for you is unwavering.

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