Couples Who Sleep NAKED Are Happier [CLICK]

Couple in bed. (Photo Credit: FILE)

A new study has found that couples who sleep in their birthday suits often keep happier relationships than the pairs who go to bed in thick sweat jackets.

If you want to be happier in your relationship, then you may have to ditch them clothing and enjoy the goodies as they come.

Asides the fact that you would have a fewer clothing in your laundry if you sleep naked, the health benefits are also amazing as it is clearly evident that most happy people are healthy.

A new study from Cotton USA, which sampled so many couples came to this particular interesting conclusion, according to Stylist UK.


Couples were asked to analyze how happy they were based on how they dressed to bed and the scientists came to a realization that the more naked the happier.

57 per cent of those who slept in the nude said they felt happy, compared to 48 per cent of pyjamas wearers, 43 per cent of nightie wearers and a mere 38 per cent of people who wore pants, bum shorts, etc.

Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe of Cotton USA said that one of the leading factors for this was that the nakedness encouraged intimacy and openness, thanks to the skin-on-skin contact and the feeling of soft bedding.

“There are many factors which can affect the success of a relationship,” she said. “But one factor which is often overlooked is the bedroom environment.”

So what are you waiting for? Show your partner your birthday suit and let the happy nerves do their jobs.

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