Dear Aunty Mercy: I want To Be Raped Again!



I have always wondered if every woman is like me but I must confess, I am just different from the way others feel or should I say I can’t resist the touch of a man. But before I go, let me give you the gist and how it all started.

My name is Cynthia, I am 35 and I’m married with two kids, I met my husband in my third year in the University and we’ve had a smooth relationship. But each time I look into his eyes, the feel of guilt engulfs me so much that sometimes I may not be able to hold the tears back, but as a woman, I have discovered how to distract the man that loves me so much in such situations.

It all started when I was in my fourth year in the University, I have always heard my friends talked about pleasurable pains but I never knew what it was like until I went for an occasion with friends off campus and I got into the hand of a young man who took advantage of my situation and had his way with me. I must confess I felt guilty about the whole thing but I enjoyed every bit of it. Though it was “rape” but this guy sure knows how to do it that I almost asked for more when he later came to apologise.


After this experience, I have been wondering if I could meet such a man again and this led me into the ultimate search for the man that can make me shed pleasurable tears again, but I have found none.

Aunty Mercy, my monthly income is enough to cater for my needs so money is not my problem, my husband is the most caring man I have ever met, he is so understanding that he can give up everything just to be with me, he takes care of the kids and I in a way that every woman would ever want, but still, the memories of that ‘night’ still drives me nut.

I have tried every means I know to erase this memory that pushes me to every man but all to no avail. I’ve had sex with colleagues in my office, members of my church and even with our gate man before he was sacked but none of them have lived up to expectation.

I know my husband will be very disappointed if he gets to find out, but I must confess that I am a woman of heavy sorrow even though I look so happy on the outside, something keeps hunting me but I don’t know the way out… Please Aunty Mercy come to my rescue.

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