Dear Men, Here Are 5 Sweet Things Women Are Dying To Hear From You [READ]

Smiling couple hugging outdoors
Smiling couple hugging outdoors

Most men are terrible when it comes to complimenting the women in their lives oblivious of the fact that they are hurting the relationship.

Below are 5 sweet things that would melt your woman and refresh her attraction for you even when you are beginning to look ugly.

1. I Love Everything About You:

We understand that nobody is perfect, but this compliment will not only boost her confidence, it will draw her more to you and make her fall in love over again.


She would be glad to hear that you love her even with her imperfections.

2. You Look Hot

No woman will love it when she is all dressed and looking her best and doesn’t receive compliments from the man in her life.

Tell her stuffs like you look fab, you look hot and so on, just to make her know she actually is adored.

3. Your Hairdo Is Perfect:

It will be terrible for a woman to spend the whole day receiving pains all over just to look great for you and she gets home to meet s man whose lips are sealed. Not only is this depressing, it is very annoying. That is why you must make her understand that the hairdo is just perfect and help absorb the pain at the moment.

4. I Know You Can Do It

Seriously guys, you really need to start motivating your woman no matter how little. When she is scared about taking a big step, you have to be right beside her and tell her how you confident you are that she can do it.

Nothing makes a woman happier than a supportive spouse who believes in her.

5. I Am Proud Of You

Hello! if you don’t tell her how proud you are of her, then don’t be mad when another dude starts having her attention. Celebrate her achievements and make her feel more loved and appreciated.

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