DEAR NIGERIAN MEN! What Has Being Married Got To Do With Making Valid Opinions? [SEE THIS]

Black woman.
Black woman.

If you have never come across posts on social media where men prod women to show their marriage certificates or best still, go and get married before their opinion on certain issues would be considered as valid, then you are some kind of foreigner.

Such demands have in fact, become a norm to the extent that it no longer gets anyone worked up like it used to.

The motive behind the question is usually to cower the victim especially when the abusers have no valid point to counter their opinion on a particular issue.

Most times, the people who ask these questions are men whose insecurity has beclouded their sense of objective reasoning.


It is no longer surprising to see critics spit venoms on an intelligent post embellished with facts because they feel the author isn’t married and therefore lacks the locus standi to dish out such post.

You can only imagine the looks you would get as a single lady when you dabble into relationship matters and even make an attempt to give an advice whether solicited or not.

The disappointing aspect is that the supposedly married people may be going through the hell of a marriage but in the end, their opinions on major issues would get more approval that those of the single persons.

Isn’t the society expecting rather too much from the female folks?

Does it mean that a woman’s intellectual might is totally worthless except she obtains a marriage certificate notwithstanding if getting hitched tops her priority list?

Whatever happened to constructive debates and arguments devoid of gender bias?

Why is it that a man would ordinarily do and say similar things and get away with them without being bugged by too many questions?

You don’t necessarily need to be married to take a stance on issues after all having a functional brain and wisdom absolutely have nothing to do with being married or not.

Sadly, some budding thought leaders have simply crawled back into their shells because of the ‘are you married’ brouhaha.

People really need to do as much growing up as practicable to reduce the craze experienced in the society nowadays.

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