DRAMA! Is Oritsefemi Trying To Get Rid Of The Girl He Dated For 5 Years By Putting Himself On Blast?

Oritsefemi. Photo credits – wadup.com.ng


One thing about Nigeria that endears her to many people is the way intrigues and blackmail ranging from Leaked DM’s and cheeky bloggers to witty social media users, play out among people.

This time round, it is popular singer Oritsefemi who has gotten his own elbow room on many blogs. Recently fans were stunned to see that his instagram account was hacked and his ‘doggy-dog’ lifestyle became a public matter.

Apparently Oritsefemi who has a girlfriend, Blessing Rawa, has been importing women of little virtue from all over the place with the money fans gave to him. Sad stuff.


Claiming his instagram account was hacked, Oritsefemi quickly regained access and pointed the finger he has been using to send “come-over-here DM’s” to other women, at his girlfriend of 5 years. The singer who hardly flaunts his girlfriend, posted a picture of her and told his Amebo followers that she was the brain behind the hacking. Amazing stuff.

His girlfriend decided to go Reuben Abati on his ass and told everyone who cared to listen that she was being victimized and her famous lover is merely looking for a reason to dump her ass after 5 years of sexing. Terrible stuff.

A few conspiracy theories have since developed. Many wonder, is this some sort of grand wicked plan by Oritsefemi to really dump his girlfriend of 5 years? Or perhaps did his girlfriend of 5 years get tired of his philandering ways and decided to put him on blast then play victim? You decide.

Read Oritsefemi’s now-famous girlfriend’s press release below:

My attention was called to a post on instagram this morning by some friends. My fiancee of five years put me on the blast and accused me of hacking his IG page, this is really surprising to me as I wasn’t around him when his phone got hacked or in Lagos, neither do I have the password to his IG account. How I could have hacked a personal phone that I don’t own beats me. I will never betray you like this Femi, I have always resolved to settling our issues in private no matter how bad it is. I can understand if you want to end the relationship and move on with your life , I’d accept that as the will of God but you don’t need to disgrace me publicly and drag my name to the mud all because of fame. We suffered together and I was there before your claim to fame and still stood by you when God started blessing you because I know you truly deserve to be rewarded for all your years of hustling and hardwork. I am writing this openly and demand you delete that post and show some respect to me and the years we spent together which is now a bad memory for me. How can you be so heartless and cruel. When you called to say you googled to know who hacked your IG page and my name was mentioned I laughed thinking it’s one of your pranks. I deserve some respect, the same one have shown you all these years. You bring me down and make me look like the villain while you become the hero. You should be ashamed of yourself for betraying my trust and love but instead you turn this around and put me on the blast so the world can overlook your shortcomings and focus on me. God sees It all.

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