DRUG ABUSE: Does Nigeria Even Care About Her Young Citizens? [CLICK]

Drug Addiction.
Drug Addiction.

Getting involved in drugs is one of the trends among young people and the rate of drug abuse has dramatically increased over the years.

Across many nations, there is no age group terribly hit by the issue of drug addiction than the young people.

It actually started way back but with the advancement in technology, it continues to get worse than it used to be.

Prior to the 1940’s when the war veterans introduced cannabis from India popularly known as hemp, people were already into the game of taking natural mind altering substances. But the good thing is that there was moderation unlike what we have in recent times.


We are not disputing the fact that the adolescence stage is occasioned by some awkward traits which clearly points to the fact that some of these young people actually engage in certain things out of sheer ignorance or curiosity.

These are vibrant souls who are seen as the future leaders of Nigeria and as such, some degree of responsibility is expected from them.

Unfortunately, the country appears not to give a hoot about the well being of her young citizens. The government has virtually disappointed these fellows!

What will be the future of the country if the supposedly leaders of her tomorrow are impassioned drug addicts?

Most of these young people who get engaged in drug addiction roam the streets out of sheer frustration and depression.

What could be more depressing than graduating from higher institution only to face a whole new phase of battling to secure a job?

After undergoing so much stress without any positive outcome, most of these youths resort to taking alcohols and drugs to get away with the worries.

Before they realize it, they would have already been far gone into the habit and abuse is imminent in such situations.

If the government had youth-friendly policies, the reverse would have been the case.

In most advanced countries, the well being of the youths form part of the government’s major priorities because they understand the fact that investing meaningfully in the young people means a bright tomorrow for the country.

This trend is absolutely a threat to the future of our country which requires to be nipped in the bud through the joint efforts of the society and the government.

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