EPIC FALLS: Watch Video Of 4 Nigerian Musicians Fall On Stage

P-square performing on stage before Peter fell and crash landed

As a performer, you probably would have had one or two embarassing moments on stage but nothing is more annoying than when you fall on or off the stage.

The reason I said so is, if your trousers tears, or your wig falls off or people are not laughing at your jokes; it is not as painful as when you fall and probably hit a part of your body on a hard surface, or as a fresh chick you fall and get bruised. Nothing is more painful trust me.

The worst part is, your leg is probably hurting but your fans are laughing at you, so it gets even more painful and annoying.

So lets get to it.


First up is Peter Okoye of P-Square.

Peter’s fall wowed me. The way he fell was crazy, it seemed like he was just walking in the air but little did he know that he he had gotten to the edge of the stage.

I couldn’t laugh, because you cannot fall like that and not sustain a leg strain or sprain so I kind off felt pity for him and it was confirmed that after the show he was rushed to the hospital.

The next day, he shared a picture of the leg with bandage on it.

The only funny part of the video was Paul’s reaction.

See it here…

Source: Youtube


Next up is Tonto Dikeh.

Tonto fell on stage at Iyanya’s Kukere concert in London, after practically staggering and shouting all through her performance like she was drunk!

Her fall happened not too long after making fun of Burna boy for falling off the stage. The funny part is, she made it seem like its all a part of her dance but na lie, we catch you Tonto!

Watch it here…

Source: Youtube


Ruby Gyang.

If falling can be lovely, Ruby’s fall was lovely. I really can’t describe it but all I know is, when I first watched the video and saw her fall, instead of laughing, I was all smiles saying awwww… (especially when she started singing about it).

Watch it and don’t doctor your reaction, just let it come naturally.

Source: Youtube


Lastly is Burna Boy.

When you hear, humpty dumpty sat on the wall, humpty dumpty had a great fall, the song is referring to Burna boy.

Burna boy’s fall was quite epic! He was beginning to bore the audience with his talk when they needed him to perform. And when he eventually decided get to it, he tripped and nose-dived into the crowd.


Source: Youtube



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