Every Youth Can Fly But How Many Of Them Are Ready To Make Use Of Their Wings? [READ THIS]


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Nobody has the potentials of making huge impact than the youths, hence the saying that they are the leaders of tomorrow.

The fact remains that anybody can make impact in the society, provided the zeal to do so is there.

Most great young leaders don’t have anything differently than others except the will to make a difference which they pursue with all seriousness.


Most people derail in their paths to greatness because of frivolities and are left with so much regret when they realize how much time they wasted on such unnecessarily things.

The truth is that every youth can fly but how many are really willing to put their wings into a good use to achieve that end?

By flying, it means that you are willing to live up to challenges, face them and overcome them so that when you look back at the end, you will be proud of your achievements.

Sometimes, being a youth does not come as easy especially in an environment like Nigeria where there are several factors that will make you lose your sanity at some points.

Here are what young people especially in Nigeria and Africa at large should do if they want to achieve big and print their names in the sands of time.


Mentorship is one thing that most people ignore but in the actual sense, makes a whole lot of sense to anyone who really wants to make a difference.

First of all, have a sketch of what you want in life and seek the mentorship of someone who has successfully pulled through in that field whether young or old.


The saying that the day you stop learning is the day you die obviously points to the fact that being open to learning is a very good trait that anyone who yearns to become successful should have.

We learn every day to become better than we used to be since no man is an island of knowledge. Desire to learn new things daily if you want to make it big in life.


In the history of success, nobody has ever achieved anything without putting in any effort. You can’t sit and fold your arms and expect miracles to happen. No! you have to put in some word and ensure you work hard enough to achieve whatever you set out to achieve, that way, you will look back and beat your chest that your hard work paid after all.


Focus is very vital in virtually every phase of life because without it, one is practically bound to fail.


Most times, young people are limited because they fail to step out of their comfort zones for fear of what people will say or think about their actions.

No sweethearts!! We are in the 21st century and people’s opinions about you should barely bother you once you are on the right track.

A lot of Nigerian youths are stuck in the maze because they expect a lot from the government and the society at large and are scared of taking a step forward.

Step out and do something you ordinarily wouldn’t have done and achieve you aim. That is the whole essence.

If more Nigerian youths are willing to imbibe some of this things, they will not only fly but soar like the eagles.

Stop waiting for what the government or the society will offer you. Stand up and do something that would make generations to come proud of you.


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