Facts germane to the 2015 Presidential elections – Dominic Obozuwa



Facts germane to  the 2015 Presidential elections

1 Myth | 3 Arguments | 3 Truths | 5 Questions  & 4 other important things



This piece is not to make you choose GMB over GEJ or vice versa, it is only meant to make you do an objective assessment of the prevailing issues and take a decision beyond the religious, ethnic, tribal or geo-political sentiments.

1 Myth – There’s an agenda to Islamise Nigeria:

  • To islamise Nigeria you will have to amend the constitution of the FRN 1999 (As amended) which already provides for freedom of thought, conscience and religion in Section 38 as a fundamental right (S. 9).
  • Mode of altering the constitution is: 2/3 majority of both houses of the National Assembly respectively and 2/3 majority of the Houses of Assembly of the 36 states of the Federation.
  • To alter the provisions as to fundamental rights, Sections 9 and 8, you need 4/5 majority of both houses of the National Assembly respectively and 2/3 majority of the Houses of Assembly of the 36 states of the Federation.
  • The Numbers of the Legislators on this process is not a quorum of those present but the total number of Legislators as provided in the Constitution (S. 9).


3 Arguments


  1. GEJ has done well & will do better given another 4 years – Check the statistics of corruption, impunity and graft and then educate yourself on what else a Nation needs to be dead by itself given another 4 years.
  1. General Buhari is an Islamic extremist …Pst. Tunde Bakare (a Christian) was his running mate a while back; Tunde Bakare himself claimed GMB said to him “No one has a monopoly of Jesus”; GMB’s personal driver for years is a Christian. GMB masterminded the construction of Nigeria’s 3 Refineries with one in Port-Harcourt, One in Warri and only one in Kaduna (the North) and none has been built since.
  1. The GEJ Government is committed to the war against corruption, insurgency and terrorism –
  • How does a supposed strong military weaken in the face of internal insurgency even with the billions allotted to Defence in the Budget? What will happen in the face of external aggression? Ponder on this in line with the fact that the number one duty of any President/Commander in Chief is the security of the Country and the protection of lives and Property.
  • Then again, what Government would mortgage this duty as well as allow its Military be embarrassed internationally on the altar of self aggrandizement?
  • How do you harbor corruption and criminality in your government and allow an impeached Governor (Fayose) who is disqualified to contest elections and beat up judges.
  • How do you rubbish our National Institutions and embarrass legislators?

3 Truths about what Nigerians should know preparatory for 2015 Elections:

  1. Sentiments, Whether Tribal, Religious or Geo-Political are not what we need at this time. The fact that one man is from the south-south, he is a minority, he is our own, etc is a most elementary argument to be made in a Nation that requires development to be at par with its counterparts in the comity of Nations. Muslims built Lagos State, Yakowa of Kaduna state was a Christian. We must think beyond these sentiments especially those enunciated by clerics.

     2. Think for yourselves. If you do not have a mind of your own you will be disappointed and be driven by money or the opinion of other people. How much money will you be given today that will secure your generations’ future in the country Nigeria if the present plunderers continue to plunder for another 54 years? Remember … Oil is going down by the way … we import palm oil now, very soon we may import crude and refined crude … God forbid.

     3. If the C-in-C cannot wield the power of a C-In-C over Impunity, Insurgency, Graft and Corruption in a Country where the Citizens gave him the privilege to lead them, I doubt that he has what it really takes to Lead. Governance Leadership is determined by Competence, Capacity and Political Will and not determined by sentiments.

5 Questions:

  1. Was the proposed Extension of the State of Emergency to ensure there are no elections in the North and then if extended further, in the Country?

    2. Will the Chibok Girls  be brought back closer to the elections in order for someone to assume a near Messianic posture?

    3. Do those in the displaced North have their PVCs and/or polling units  (when those not displaced have a challenge getting their PVCs) so how will they Vote (with thousands killed and an estimated total of 1.6 million displaced)?

      4. How come the Insurgents only got into Ekiti state soon after the elections that brought in a new government (December 1, 2014-Bombing of Ekiti prisons and freeing of over 500 inmates)?

     5. Was the Ekiti State invasion a ploy to recruit members, penetrate and destabilize the west (from Ekiti state, there is Ogun, Ondo, Edo, Osun, Lagos and so on) and create a good reason for a National state of Emergency?

4 other important things:

  1. What we must not let happen – Another 4 Years of the mayhem and embarrassment we’ve had since 2011.

     2. What we must do – Vote with our heads, facts, figures and empirical evidence rather than sentiments.

    3. What INEC, the Police and Armed Forces must do – Stay loyal and committed to the mandate of our National and Collective destiny and not be a tool in the hands of a lawless and dictatorial executive.

     4. Why we must do these – Posterity will judge us by what we do or do not do now.

Think on these as we go to the Polls 2015.




Dominic E. Obozuwa is a Legal Practitioner, Social Entrepreneur, and Development Consultant.

He is the “Programmes Coordinating Executive” of Fundacion Exito Ltd./Gte. (“FundElg Africa®”), a Non-Governmental Social Enterprise (NGSE) with focus on national transformation through social change, values re-orientation and trans-generational influence in order to help create and positively impact productive leadership and economic development in Nigeria, and also a member of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), International Bar Association (IBA), NBA Section on Business Law (SBL), the International Project Finance Association (IPFA) and International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR, Young & International), a Division of the American Arbitration Association (AAA).

Dominic consults on a wide variety of issues, including but not limited to Leadership, Personal Development, Law, Business, Investments, and Real Estate. He is a prolific writer and poet.




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