Find Out 15 Good Reasons Chewing Stick Should Be Everyone’s Preferred Option And Not Toothbrush


After reading this piece, a lot of you might have a rethink and stop forming fine chick or cool dude and start using chewing stick or miswak (as the case maybe) to brush your teeth.

The use of chewing sticks was a practice some people imbibed as a result of their socio-cultural background and it was also what our forefathers used and most of our parents still use, because to them, it is more effective and truth be told, they are very correct.

Let’s examine 15 reasons why everyone should consider using a chewing stick.

  • Kills Gum disease causing bacteria and it possesses strong antibacterial properties.
  • It fights plaque effectively: The bark contains an antibiotic which surpresses the growth of bacteria and the formation of  plaque.
  • Research shows that regular use of miswak significantly reduces plaque, gingivitis and growth of cariogenic bacteria.If used regularly on a daily basis, it whitens & brightens the teeth giving it a shiny glow.
  • Removes Bad breath and odour from mouth & creates a pleasant fragrance.
  • The Minerals in this root or twig include potassium, sodium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate and calcium oxides. All these ingredients all strengthen the tooth enamel.
  • Does all the above naturally without the need of any additional products such as toothpaste.
  • Helps to effectively clean between teeth due to its parallel bristles. Acting as a floss as well as a toothbrush.
  • Increases salivation & inhibits the dry mouth (Xerostomia).
  • 100% organic & natural alternative to toothpaste for those avoiding fluoride products, believing them to be dangerous & harmful.
  • Reduces stains from tobacco products, coffee and tea.
  • The form & convenient shape of the miswak makes it easier to get into those hard to reach places, that a standard toothbrush is too big for. It also massages the gums for healthier teeth.
  • It is cost effective: Due to the advantage of cutting off the used tip, the miswak can be reused again & again until it gets too short to hold appropriately. Saving you money on those extra brushes and expensive toothpastes or mouthwash.
  • Miswak is a cure for toothache, improves and preserves the taste buds.
  • Miswak sharpens the memory & is a cure for headaches.
  • It aids digestion and clears the voice.

Although the use of chewing sticks has no clear-cut health implications on the users, the constant use of chewing stick to clean the mouth can wear out the surface of the teeth and the gum.

Finally, you should remember that if you switch to using chewing stick or use chewing stick alongside your toothbrush, you won’t have to experience those horrific toothaches, fill your tooth or even remove any of them.

In a nutshell, you might not have to visit a dentist in your lifetime and I’m sure a visit to the dentist costs quite some money, that would be enough to buy almost 100 miswaks.

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