For The Body Art Lovers: Tattoo or “Sacrificial Branding”, Which Do You Prefer? [LOOK]


We shared with you the story of a father who was met with criticism for getting the face of his son tattooed on his cheek. If that story was weird, then we think this one will certainly make that weird list too.

Body modification fans have moved the game up a bit by carving their flesh in gruesome alternative to ink tattoos.

This new craze where permanent scars are carved into people’s bodies instead of tattoos is spreading.

The new trend in sacrificial tattoos sees people cut, burn and etch their skin. Photo Credit – Tumblr

The sickening trend – known as sacrificial branding – is popular among body modification fans, but is currently illegal in the UK.


More and more tattoo parlours and piercing studios across the globe are offering people the chance to go under the knife rather than have traditional ink markings.

The technique, which involves patterns being etched into flesh, is designed to create a perfectly formed scar.

Although the process looks painful, some fans claim it hurts less than a normal tattoo.

Photo Credit – Tumblr

But scarification leaves an open wound afterwards, which can be extremely sore and can lead to severe infections and diseases.

The grotesque fad is very popular in Canada.

A spokesman for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care says there can be severe health risks that result from having these procedures.

“Because certain body modification practices break intact skin and mucus membranes through cutting, burning and piercing, there is an increase in the risk of scarring, hemorrhaging and psychological trauma as well as exposure and infection with blood borne pathogens, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV,” David Jensen told the National Post website.

The intricate flesh carvings are designed to look like an inkless tattoo. Photo Credit – Tumblr

But this hasn’t stopped a glut of people opting for the risky procedure and posting the results on social media.

The roots of scarification come from tribal cultures, in which members would brand themselves as a rite of passage to either their tribes or the gods.

But with the recent boom in body modification countries including Canada have seen a huge resurgence in the bizarre craze.

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