Godwin Emefiele: The Corruption In CBN by Adetayo Adegbemle [OPEN]

Godwin Emefiele

The elections are here. February 16, the nation will be voting on who leads the Nigerian nation for the next four years.

Is it going to be the Next Levels, or are we getting Nigeria to work again?

However, this time 2015, in the run up to the 2015 Elections, the news media as rife by the reports that the then GEJ government has opened the CBN vault for their supporters to cart away Dollars and be used for the 2015 electioneering.

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It is then interesting that no reports of such cases in the media these days. But does that mean that all is then well with the CBN? No. Rather, The CBN Governor has found a way to keep the media shut, and is in the process of cleaning his tracks.

The Central Bank of Nigeria, led by Emefiele, erstwhile Managing Director of Zenith Bank, is mired in an astronomical level of Corruption that not talking about it by the Media, or that Nigerians just ignored, or overlooked it, makes it more intriguing.

This, definitely, raised a red flag, especially now that the tenure of the CBN Governor expires in June. The wily Mr. Godwin Emefiele, however, has no plan to see the tenure out, using the flimsy excuse, the regular and well-worn script of all corrupt office holders, of poor health and seeking medical attention abroad, to escape Nigeria, without even handing over to the most senior Director General in CBN, pending the appointment of a substantive new Central Bank Governor.

This is not unrelated to several allegations of corruption that has been levied against and hanging around the neck of Mr. Emefiele.

Reports hits the headline in late December about how the CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele, has been running the CBN with identified Aso Rock Cabals, led by Isa Funtua, the owner of Bullet Construction Company in Abuja, and the Chief of Staff to President Buhari., Abba Kyari.

Reports has detailed how Godwin Emefiele left his erstwhile Political Godfather father, Lawan Daura, the Former DSS Boss, who was pushed out of the office, and jump on the bandwagon of Isa Funtua and his son, Abubakar Ismaila Funtua, just to continue to be in the good book of the cabals in control of Aso Rock.

One of the earlier allegations, which the CBN Governor has refused to acknowledge and respond to, are based on his involvement in the use of Forex round tripping to fund the wealth chest of the Funtua family.

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Prior to the coming to power of President Buhari, Bullet Constructions, the family business of the Funtuas has grounded to a halt, with the family in debts. But with coming to power of President Buhari, and the coming to relevance of Isa Funtua in the Aso Rock Cabal, and connivance of the CBN Governor, the Funtua family has been dealing in Forex trade.

You will recall that Abubakar Ismaila Funtua, the first son of Isa Funtua, imported a rare brand of exotic vehicle recently through Dubai. This is the same Isa Funtua’s son that got married to President Buhari’s daughter, buying properties in London andin Abuja. All from the forex deal from CBN.

The source of the new found wealth of the Funtua needs to be investigated by the Nigerian government.

As if it is not enough to corruptly empower a single family with our commonwealth, Mr. Emefiele, through proxies, like his Special Advisers, one Mr. Okeje, has also been alleged to be dealing in Forex round tripping, buying at cheaper official rates, and selling at the black market rates.

As it is, a lot people in CBN are also complaining about the Governors attitude towards staff welfare, and direct allegation of Nepotism, “preferring to work with his own people”.

As a fallout of the allegation of nepotism, the CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele has been said to have bribed the Federal Character Commission, and the House Committee on Federal Character, to both turn blind eyes to unrelenting recruitment of new CBN staff from the South South, where Mr. Emefiele comes from. This is a direct foul of the Federal Character Act.

In fact, in another violation of the Nominal Role, Mr. Godwin Emefiele has positioned Mrs. Priscilla Eleje, also from Delta State, as the Director of Currency in CBN. If this illegality is allowed to stand, this will be the first time in the history of Naira that the two signatories on the Nigerian currency will be coming from same geopolitical zone of the country, South-South.

One other major worrisome report against Mr. Emefiele, is the large cache of cash delivered to the troubled Senator Dino Melaye, sometimes last year.

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It is on tape that Mr. Emefiele, through one of his Assistant, Eric, delivered the cash to Dino Melaye, the purpose of which has not been discovered.

Mr. Emefiele has however been boasting and bragging about how the media can print anything about him since his tenure will be ending this June 2019. Mr. Emefiele has been relocating all his immediate family abroad, which includes his two sons.

Another major issue of concern is the refusal of the CBN Governor to pay CBN Contractors. The directive allegedly came from Aso Rock, under the guise that paid Contractors might use the funds to finance elections of the opposition parties. A worker is worth his dues.

It would also not be good to underplay the role played by the CBN led by Godwin Emefiele in the poor funding of our Military, who are at war in the North East corridor, the disbursement of the Power and Airline Intervention Funds.

CBN has made themselves part of the abhorred cabals running the Aso Rock, and it is high time Nigerians stand up to ask for accountability from the man who lead our apex bank.

More on the shady deals of probably the most-corrupt-CBN-Governor-ever is coming, and the CBN governor must be ready to give account of his days in office. Nigerians should not allow Mr. Godwin Emefiele to run away from giving account.

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