GUYS!!! 5 Things You Should Know About Oral Sex (PHOTOS)

Hand in hand. Photo Credit:  Dating To Know
Things to know about oral sex. Photo Credit: Dating To Know

Take it or not, oral sex is the most erotic experience you can ever have.
You are always powerless at that point when someone goes down in you.

It’s one of the things that make a lot of relationships survive today.
But hey, these are some of the things you should know about oral sex:

1. Wait:

It’s wrong to kick off any oral sex activity without being first turned on.
Engage in some foreplay prior to getting down in your partner so as to enjoy maximum pleasure.
Try kissing, cuddling, dirty talk and caressing before oral sex.


2. Don’t be principled:

Don’t stick to a particular way of getting your partner stimulated. If you have always started by kissing or cuddling, try out other things. Explore new ways of satisfying your partner sexual by being adventurous.

 Couple having sex (Photo Credit: Google Images)
Couple having sex (Photo Credit: Google Images)

3. Be sexually open:

Nothing boost your sexual experience like when you let your partner know that you are enjoying what they are doing to you.
Be open if your partner is getting right, moan if necessary and scream if you have to.

Couple kissing. Photo Credit; Urban Parents
Couple kissing. Photo Credit; Urban Parents

4. Giving head:

Ladies please give him all the necessary pleasure he deserves. Grab his penis with both hands with the left giving you balance as you are holding the base of his penis with it and using your right hand to rob it up-down and then north-south.

5. Dudes:

Don’t use just the lips to make her cum. Top it up with your nose and cheek to support you as you grind against her.

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