Here Are 10 Of The Best Reactions To The Sex Doll [OPEN]

Sex doll

I can guess what you’re thinking.

What in the world is a sex robot ? Right ? Well, as technology has evolved, so has everything else in the world. One of the things that has been posed as a threat is the sex robot. While we would like to say that this is peculiar and disturbing, there are people out there willing to pay for a sex robot. Just the other day Germany opened a sex brothel and we were left in shock. According to the Gurdian, the the sex-tech industry worldwide is about $30 billion strong. All this money is generated from sex toys but as of now the industry is introducing robots that are for both male and female clients. Of course with such a sensitive topic, everyone has an opinion of their own and here are some of the things people had to say about the “sex doll”.

1. What if she breaks down?

2. LOL

3. She will need a software update.

4. Clearly he likes his sex doll.

5. Is this how guys are thinking?5. Is this how guys are thinking?

6. A sex robot can never be a woman though.

7. Yeah, at some point someone needs the emotional aspect too.

8. Imagine if this actually happened?

9. Would not be nice if this happened.

10. What if they actually did catch feelings?


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