Here Are 11 Annoying Behaviours You Must Stop Now


Being the annoying party in any relationship, or in any gathering initially starts out as slightly amusing till it spirals into the most irritating, exasperating act ever known to man.

You shouldn’t be the guy or lady who everyone walks out on when you enter the building; like a fire-drill, you enter they exit.

Don’t be that guy!

It isn’t funny…

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Here are 11 annoying behaviours you must stop NOW:

Farting in public

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No, there is nothing sexy in catcalling. STOP harassing women you see on the street! Get done with your crappy male entitlement, and whatever sexist horse you’re high on!


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Looking at a woman’s arse or staring at her cleavage

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This is way wrong; that’s not know to appreciate a woman’s beauty. And you who stares at a woman’s cleavage like you lost a coin there, STOP THAT!

Fighting in public

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Stop trying to protect your machismo; you just look ridiculous throwing punches in public– unless it’s a legal boxing contest.

Jumping queue/cutting in line

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Talking loud on phone/having loud conversations

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Dragging your feet when you walk

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Answering a question with a question

“Are you Okay?” “Why are you asking?” “Did you go to work today?” “Where do you think I’m coming from?”

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Leaking nudes

Don’t. Just don’t. Revenge porn is a really sick thing to be involved with.

Singing with a bad voice

Can someone tell Vic O, please! Singing in your bathroom is fine.

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Jumping to conclusions

This isn’t an Olympics competition, yeah…




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