Housing Scheme, FG’s Promise And The Realities Before Nigerians (LOOK)

Housing Scheme, FG’s Promise And The Realities Before Nigerians . Photo Credit: Goursac
Housing Scheme, FG’s Promise And The Realities Before Nigerians . Photo Credit: Goursac

Again, Nigerians have woken up to yet another viable promise by the federal government but at the same time Nigerians might just have to breathe for a while before they grip this promise.

Following the Federal Housing Scheme (FHS), by President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, Minister Of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola has promised all Nigerians especially the beneficiaries of equal opportunities as far as the scheme is concerned.
He said:

“The ultimate beneficiaries of these houses under the Federal Housing Scheme; will be the residents of the states, where the houses are being built to meet the national housing needs of all people residing in the 36 states of the federation.

“I prefer to use the word residents to indicate people who live or work in the states where the houses are built rather than those who are indigenous to the state.


“Houses built in Bauchi, for example, were for the residents of Bauchi in Bauchi state.That is the workers in Bauchi, both from public and private sector, who qualified based on whatever premises used to decide allocation of the houses,” Leadership reported.

While this housing scheme is indeed a brave move by the federal government towards making life better for Nigerians, it is doubt-free that Nigerians need more than just a promise at this point.

For some political and selfish reasons, Nigerians are currently faced with lots of challenges where uncompleted projects and failed promises top the list.

Yes, the government should be applauded whenever they perform greatly in the society but that should never blind neither the government nor Nigerians from the painful state and realities in the country.

After 56 years of being independent, Nigeria is still behind the clock in the show of development as things continue to get worse in the country by the day.

Nigeria has one of the most corrupt and poor educational systems in the world.

Should we talk about the prevalence of quack teachers all across the country, who know next to nothing yet are being paid for teaching that, which they have no idea about?

Then young Nigerians graduate without any hope of getting employed as thousands of graduates are roaming on the streets.

Nigeria’s has been in a bad shape for a very long time now due to bad governance among other factors but there no doubt that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has worsen the system as the country has been in recession for the past two years.

Buhari’s “Change Agenda” which has been focusing on corruption is nothing but a failure as even the claimed recovered loot have not been channeled into proper use in any way yet.
The largest popular in the country can neither feed nor afford food due increase in food prices.

An average Nigerian cannot boast of good road, affordable medical care or stable electricity.

Year in and out, our so called leaders come into power with nothing new but that same ideology about politics , old model of development and how to loot the country’s funds.

Insecurity has become the order of the day as Nigerians have become hopeless about the issue of Boko Haram and herdsmen attacks.

Currently, Nigeria’s economy is in shambles with one of the most devalued currencies in the world.

Thus, just as promised, the federal government should ensure that politics, religion, tribalism and ethnicity give way to that which is just as far as the project at hand is concerned as well as other developmental projects in country.






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