How Private Parts Have Now Become Public Parts In Nigeria [LOOK]

Indecent dressing. (Photo Credit: Nairaland)
Indecent dressing. (Photo Credit: Nairaland)

We are in the 21st century no doubt, and each day surfaces with new surprises which are either pleasant or sour.

Nudity no longer appears to be as bad as it was presented in the 60s and 80s as civilization has made it more like a normal phenomenon.

Private parts are called ‘private’ because they are supposed to be kept away from the eyes of the public but in recent times, they are better public than private.

A handful of African values have lost their taste in the wake of these sickening  trends which are fast eating deep into the fabrics of many nations of the continent.


Ladies tucking their breasts away into undersized dresses and exposing the bulging duo have now become the order of the day.

Morality has gone down the drains because of the impact of westernization coupled with the advent of various social media.

People comfortably post photos with their private parts on full display and unfortunately, rather than condemn them, people egg them on with comments which will propel them to do more.

Hardly will you scroll through the social media without being obstructed by the views of the female breasts and private parts.

In fact, dressing in a modest manner will earn you a tag of someone who is yet to up their ante when it comes to things in vogue.

The unfortunate part is that most of the masterminds of those nude photos are ladies who in the quest to attract likes and comments perhaps from men, pose seductively and when their bait works as fine, they become motivated to even do more.

A lot of radio and TV programmes that promote indecency have continued to emerge and of course they get all the desired attention and a huge audience base because nudity sells faster nowadays.

As days go by, new trends come up and people will definitely patronize those trends to prove that they are not behind the news.

It started with pre-wedding photos, to post wedding and then pre-natal photos which see a lot of women posing half naked and sometimes totally naked to show the world their bumps.

There appears to be no cure for the entire craze because the more people condemn these people, the more lashes they get from supporters.

In fact, a lot of women go any length to take seductive photos all in a bid to tag into the ‘slay queen’ gang and so many other terms that will make people admire them on social media.

There is no need to mutter words while bringing to fore that a lot of ladies are desperate and will go any length to get men hooked with them, hence the high increment in the rate of nudity across social media.

Sex which prior to this time was an activity done within the confines of a room has now become a public show to people to the extent that every Tom, Dick and Harry now talk about it without any feeling of shame.

Moral decadence is not at its peak in the society which was once sane enough to encourage people to dress modestly since we are addressed the way we are dressed.

The moral standards have seriously deteriorated to the point that people no longer give a hoot,  no thanks to social media and westernization.

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