“I Never Threw Nigerians Out Of Boutique”- Zahra Buhari, Find Out More On Her Love Life, Rumours, Fame

President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter, Zahra Buhari. Photo Credit: Filed.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s beautiful daughter, Zahra recently revealed secrets about herself that were not in the public sphere, and talked about fame, her parentage, influences, rumours, ambitions.

It will be recalled that the 20 year old Zahra Buhari broke into Nigeria’s consciousness during the last presidential election that eventually brought her father in power. She became so popular that, at a time, she was trending for days on social media due to her stunning beauty.

Zahra Buhari recently granted Maryam Laushi of The Amba Imprint an interview, revealing details about her inspirations and aspirations and dismissing rumours about her marriage, throwing women out of an Abuja boutique and other issues.

Maryam Laushi of The Amba Imprint and Zahra Buhari. Photo Credit: The Amba Imprint.

While speaking with Amba Imprint, Zahra Buhari described herself as “just normal”, saying, “That’s a very difficult question. Whenever people ask me to describe myself, I say I am just normal. I try to be nice; I am an easy going person.”


The University of Surreal graduate, Zahra dismissed the allegation that she threw some customers out of an Abuja boutique, saying, “I was in Guildford when I heard all these things coming through and I was surprised. I was in Selfridges when someone stopped me to ask if the story was true- I was not there. I was in my sitting room in Guildford”.

She also talked about her mum, Aisha Buhari, having a strong influence on her life, career: “My mom inspires me. Whenever she is ready to do something, (she is such a fiery woman) she just gets up and gets it done and it is always for a good cause. Even my interest in charity work (ACE), I know it’s something I get from her.”

On her motivation to help the less privileged through her charity work with Nigerian NGO, ACE, she said, “Since we were kids, she (Aisha Buhari) encouraged us to give to the less privileged and we enjoyed doing that. My motivation is our position. We know that we are here to help Nigerians, it is not about us and even way before getting into this position, the less privileged have always been my motivation.”

Maryam Laushi of The Amba Imprint and Zahra Buhari. Photo Credit: The Amba Imprint.

Zahra dismissed the allegation that she insulted Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh where she called him a “F**king Child F**ker” over his stance on homosexuality, adding that she was impersonated on twitter (claiming her twitter account was hacked).

She said, “I don’t feel good at all because the first question that comes to your mind is ‘why would someone want to be me?’ And why would you want to taint someone’s image? I knew many people would be tricked into thinking it was me, that bothered me and when the fake controversial comments came out about me talking about a president, I was hurt because this wasn’t an insult to my family only, it was to the whole of Nigeria because it is just like saying members of the first family don’t have a proper upbringing. Why would I insult a president? Why would I insult any person in general? It’s just not right.”

Zahra laughed at the marriage rumour in the media, talking about her love life saying, “Eventually! Maybe I have a potential.”

Zahra Buhari. Photo Credit: Filed.

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