JOKE GONE TOO FAR: Akpororo’s Sex Move On Stage, Nigerian Artistes And The Abuse Of Fame [WATCH]


Akpororo sex move

Life is serious enough and sometimes, people crave for fun things to do in order to ease up and are willing to pay even through their nose to achieve that aim.

As the need grows, crops of entertainers have continued to emerge every day to fill the need and gradually the industry is becoming dense with competition.

To this end, entertainers struggle everyday and devise different unique strategies to stay relevant amidst the stiff-necked competition.


Usually, abuse is imminent when people feel they got things on a platter of gold and that is exactly the case for most Nigerian entertainers who just blew with little or no stress.

The industry has been marred by so much abuse that people now rather look away like they don’t observe certain things.

It is usual to see artistes engage in molestation of all sorts all in the bid to make people feel entertained and perhaps laugh out loud.

If you haven’t seen male celebrities both local and international offer their bats and balls up for grabs by elated female fans, then you probably are not observant enough.

Virtually all artistes do certain things that are considered rather abhorrent when they mount the stage for a performance,  but well, that could be the price people pay to get entertained.

A viral video that has been making rounds across social media platforms shows popular comedian Akpororo blatantly dry-humping a young female student of University of Lagos, UNILAG and pathetically, people laughed it off and life goes on.

The young girl who was bent over was held by the comedian in a sexually suggestive manner and subsequently, the father of one hit his groin so hardly against her buttocks while trying to tell the difference between a foreign stage performance and what is obtainable in Nigeria.

His manhood visibly stood erect in the course of the supposed entertainment and it gets one wondering if some entertainers have totally misplaced the whole essence of the call.

Who knows the accompanying sexual throes he must have gone through afterwards even though he may dismiss it as mere performance with no strings attached?

It’s about time these entertainers were put through so they wouldn’t continue to misstep while the crowd cheers them on.

Watch the video below:

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