LADIES! 5 INCREDIBLE WAYS To Make Monday Sex Extra Special (PHOTOS)

Relax him with sex. Photo Credit; Dating LoveToKnow
Relax him with sex. Photo Credit; Dating LoveToKnow

Monday is probably the most busy day of the week as most people tend to kick off their week with high hopes. This can be exhausting to most men in particular and one of the best ways to pull it off is by engaging in steaming, hot rough and fun sex.
Of course as a lady you sure want get him relaxed after a tough day. Check out these tips for help:

1. Don’t let him out of the car:

Make sure you are home before your man at all cost and get yourself all prepared. Now, for some men who are not okay with spontuneity, give him a tip of the iceberg so he does not get all surprised when you hit him up.
Immediately you notice his arrival, go right off to the car and fling off the back door, drag him sexually to the back seat and give it your best.

2. The hallway:


Here, allow him to get into the hallway or even the stair case if any and quickly grab him seductively to set him in the mood . Make sure you take his clothes off yourself and do away with his brief case as well. Ride it all out on the floor and then serve him his best maeal.

Couple in bed. Photo Credit: Dating To Know
Couple in bed. Photo Credit: Dating To Know

3. Call/text;

This one of the best ways to make your man forget quickly how bad his day is going or how rough it went. Call him up prior to closing time and talk dirty. Say, ‘If I show up right now can we have sex on your desk?’ You could event tex if you wish just to prpare his mind for what’s ahead.

4. Dominate:

Of course you should be on top since you are the initiator, ride him up and down till he hits the cilmax.
You could start slow and then build on it gradually to making it all rought hot until he calls you “mummy’.

5. Food and sex;

Okay ladies, you know his favourite dish? Good, get it prepared and serve it on the dinning. Attend to him after work to have his bath and lead him straight to the dinning as you keep teasing him.
Allow him enjoy his meal and then get it on just when he about to clear off the table.
Start up by carressing him, talking dirty into his ears, play around with his nipples as you kiss his neck. Just do your thing and make it count .


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