LADIES!!! 5 Interesting Ways To Kiss Your Man To Orgasm (PHOTOS)

5 ways to kiss your man to orgasm. Photo Credit:
5 ways to kiss your man to orgasm. Photo Credit:

Just like sex, must men can not stay in a relationship without kiss. And for any woman to successfully keep her man she has to be a good kisser.

There are so many ways to kiss your man just like there are different kind of kisses men love. has compiled 5 types of kisses your partner will fall for:

1. The French kiss:

Okay, Most men consider this their best kind of kiss ever. It’s deeper than any form of kiss you can think of though not as aggressive as others.
All you need to do is to gently use your tongue to open your partner’s lips as you slowly find your way into the deeper region of his mouth which will definitely make him moan in pleasure .
As you tease him with your tongue all round, try and make it a little bit aggressive for better pleasure.

French kiss.  Photo Credit:
French kiss. Photo Credit:

2. The single-lip kiss:

Here, you are expected to grab tenderly and gently, your man’s upper or lower lip which ever you want to start with, and lick it, suck it and pek it as you make proper use of your hands in other sensitive areas of his body.
Take a lip at a time then switch to the other one as you progress.

Single-lip kiss.  Photo Credit:
Single-lip kiss. Photo Credit:

3. The Vampire style:

This is not in any way an aggressive kind of kissing, so don’t get carried away by the name ‘vampire’ and go all wild on your man. Lol

Anyways, here, you should kick off by parting his lips with your tongue and give him some french kiss for a second then gradually drag your tongue down to his neck where you passionately suck and give him some soft bites here and there.
The neck generally is highly sensitive so make sure you turn him on.

Vampire kiss.  Photo Credit:
Vampire kiss. Photo Credit:

4. Spontaneous kiss:

Just like the name, your man must not know you want to kiss him. Take him unaware, kiss him gently and continuously to set him in the mood then heat it up by being more aggressive.

Spontaneous  kiss.  Photo Credit:
Spontaneous kiss. Photo Credit:

5. Spiderman Kiss:

This type of kiss involves smooching your partner, whose face is upside down from yours, so your bottom lip kisses his top lip and vice versa.

It’s fun and pleasurable but you both have to be careful if you are trying it for the first time.

Spider-man kiss.  Photo Credit:
Spider-man kiss. Photo Credit:

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