Ladies!!! 5 Things You Should Know About Healthy Relationships (PHOTOS)



Women find it hard to navigate their way through relationships in a healthy way. Often they get drifted and end up with a broken heart.

There are basic things you must put into consideration before you find happiness there in.

Check out the following tips;

  1. Self love;

Funny how some women go into relationship to find healing or happiness for some reason. The truth is, you can only love others when you love yourself. You can only find happiness within you. It’s all the thing of the mind, you body can actually give what you can only give yourself.

So, be happy, appreciate yourself and love yourself. When you truly love and adore yourself, your are indirectly letting others see and take you that way.

  1. Don’t go into a relationship with the intentions of changing a man;

Now this is it, if he can’t change to have you, he will not change to keep you.

Never think that you are getting into a relationship to change a man because you really cannot change him. It’s either he has a change of behavior because he respects your feelings as regards such a habit or he expects you deal with it. So you decide to stay regardless or work away.


  1. What you give or go for defines your results ;

Don’t repeat same thing all time and expect a different result. When you let a particular set of men in your life then be sure to have same results from them.  If you  want a different result then try something different.

  1. Never let a man stay when has to go;

Stop making excuses for your man instead of excusing him out of your life.

When a man loves and knows your worth, you will never have to struggle to keep him. He makes loving him easier for you.

  1. Never panic about clocking the big 30;

Most ladies become unhappy and desperate once they clock the age of 30 or getting there.

They forget their self worth in an attempt to find a man to settle down with. Always remember you are only a reflection of your thoughts.  Channel all the negativity at such period towards appreciating yourself and all your life achievements.

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