LADIES!!! 5 Unbelievable Things Men Notice About You On The First Date (PHOTOS)

Make it fun. Photo Credit: Urban Cusp
Make it fun. Photo Credit: Urban Cusp

When it comes to letting out their feelings, men are very straight forward and open.

Unlike women that often hide how they feel about those they love. This makes it easier to know the things that grabs a man’s attention while having a chat or out on a date with him.

Check out some of the things they look out for;

  1. Eyes;

Nothing attracts a man during a conversation with a lady like the eyes. It helps them figure out a lot of things while talking to you.


You may say something and your eyes will say something entirely different. Men find some certain eye movement highly seductive, romantic, attractive and sexy.

The eye is a power box, use it ladies!

Couple out on a date. Photo Credit:  Wiki How
Couple out on a date. Photo Credit: Wiki How
  1. Smiles;

This is a big turn on for most men, thus one of the very first things they notice about a woman is her smile. Men love women who smile easily; it shows how happy the woman is. A woman with a beautiful smile will show bring happiness to her man.

  1. Body size;

This varies as some men like their women slim while others chubby. So depending on what your man is out for, your size definitely mattes a lot.

  1. Hair;

First, ladies learn to always have your hair neat and well maintained. Men love women who are stylishly neat when it comes to their hair.

Men love women with beautiful smile. Photo Credit: Urban Cusp
Men love women with beautiful smile. Photo Credit: Urban Cusp

One trick is, if you most go for extensions, try out the long ones most of the times than the short ones. But then, that doesn’t stop you from changing your styles regularly to your taste.

  1. Dressing sense;

Take it or not, men generally love fashionistas. They want their women to be able to pull it off when it comes to combining their outfits.

This does not mean you should go out of your way trying to impress your man because men still prefer a classy , stylish yet simple look.


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