Ladies! 6 Ways To Press Your Man’s ‘MUMU’ Button And Get What You Want From Him [READ]


smiling-man-and-woman-on-couchEvery man has a ‘mumu’ button and it takes the right woman to discover it and make the most of it.

A mumu button is like an emergency button and a manipulation button all rolled up in one.

Having interacted with so many girls, we came up with some ‘mumu’ buttons that women could use to get their men fall.

Below are about six of them:


1. Good Food: Most men don’t joke with their stomachs. They love good food. This is a secret although some men would try to differ and remind us that there are restaurants which most possibly serve as alternatives, but it doesn’t change the age-long fact. For instance, when you offend your man and he tries to prove difficult, just prepare a tempting Egusi soup and pounded yam (make sure there are lumps of meat here and there). This is irresistible most times and a greater number of men would definitely fall for this bait.

2. A Good Smile: Smile is very essential not just in relationships between the opposite sex, but also in all forms of relationships with humans beings. As a lady, you should know the particular way you smile that melts your man (if you don’t know, try practicing various facial expressions while smiling at him and discover the one that gets him best). In times of conflict, apply that particular smile tactics and get what you want from him ASAP.

3. Look Hot And Be Romantic: Even the strongest of men would fall for his woman when she is dressed in a very sexy and appealing manner. No matter the conflict, only a few men would resist their women especially when she looks really hot and spices it up with being romantic. Learn this tip and thank us later.

4. Shower Him With Encomiums:  Every lady should know how to romance her man’s ego especially when you really want to get something from him (especially money). Men love praises and most times, they bask in the euphoria of the praises and do things which ordinarily they wouldn’t do.

However, it appears men are now aware of this particular strategy cos most times when a lady starts to sing his praises, the next thing that comes out from the man’s mouth is ‘how much do you need this time’ (LOL).

5. A Good Sense Of Humour: Humour spices up life and relationships and that is why people opt to be with people that have a very good sense of humour. This doesn’t mean you should become a clown. Okay! Now let’s be practical, have you ever laughed so hard at someone’s joke that you did something you wouldn’t do if you were in your right senses? Yes! That’s the power of humour and one of the ‘mumu’ buttons to get your man.

6. Get Him In The Mood: Yes, men love sex! Now here’s the trick to pressing your man’s ‘mumu’ button and this appears to be the most effective of all (though we know you may think it is unfair. LOL). Get him in the mood first and once in the mood, most men do things that ordinarily they would not think of doing. At this point, ask him for whatever you want to get at the time and have him sign the cheque and realize it only after a very deep slumber(LOL).

Thank us later……

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